Saturday, September 29, 2012

Social Networks Suck

Maybe I'm getting closer to a mid life crisis or something? But social networks suck! I like my blog cause I can say anything and no one can say anything. I can delete comments and too bad if you don't like it, then don't read it

See what I mean? Mid life crisis?

Anyway I was just getting tired of it all. I am friends with so many people. Friends from school, from past jobs, from current jobs. So many people. And on the one hand it's so nice to see how many people I've come into contact with but really of all those people only a few really care. Well I shouldn't say it like that but cause if I died I bet each one would be affected. So I'm not warped in thinking that no one cares. What I mean is that in my day to day life and the comments I would make I don't think anyone really gives a what for about. And then I try not to make any negative comments that would offend my Jewish community of friends, I try not to make any comments about my views on traditional marriage cause most of my friends are voting no, I can't even make one harmless non detailed comment about a hard day at work without a comment there and fear that my employer would reprimand me. So you know what I did!

I closed my account. Fuck em! I really felt better. Liberated if you will. And I don't regret it one bit. No more high school drama about what I do say or don't say.

I am just gonna blog more, even though getting time to do so is hard. And I will only let family be my circle in my networks now. I don't care if they agree with my perspective they respect me either way!

Just unplug, life is more fun!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dinner Party

Today I hosted my first dinner party!

My bestie Mara and her boyfriend Jay came over on this beautiful day! Mara had mentioned when we went to Hell's Kitchen that she had never tried mushroom burgers. So Dj told her that he would make her some! Jay and I agreed they were good!

So my lovely husband went shopping special and picked up the shrooms and stuff. He spent hours cooking while we all laughed and joked! And they were delicious! We ended up choosing mushroom caps with a marinara sauce and provolone cheese topped with bacon! It was so good! Mara and Jay both really enjoyed it! Not just the mushroom caps but he also made homemade garlic potatoes and homemade garlic bread. Most of the time people that try the toast fall in love with it and want more than one piece, which was the case!

It was really good and I am very thankful to my wonderful husband for making this day possible! I mixed up applitini's for my friends and my friends brought us a really super delicious chocolate ganache  with chocolate cake and mousse! Oh soo good and I am still stuffed!

Successful dinner party and a wonderful evening with those that matter the most to me!

Our new table
delicious cake