Thursday, June 6, 2013

Book Review Sweet Love Sarah Strohmeyer

I love reading. I haven't always loved it. It's a new hobby, the last two years it's been really vital to me. I love to read fiction, to escape into a good piece of non-reality. Now it can have touchy subjects, thus why I love Jodi Piccoult. But I really like the chick lit. A lot of my finds are based on the cover of a book. Ha ha seems funny. But I totally judge a book by it's cover. First it has to be fiction. Second if the cover looks intriguing, then I'm in to reading what the book is about. If the plot seems fun, then I like to read a few pages in the beginning. Not all writers can grab you in the right way. Some take their time. I like the ones that tickle me in the beginning and then it just gets better and better.

I can be busy during the day and I can't wait to go to bed and read some more of that book! Most authors I can only read one or two books consecutively and then I need a break from their style of writing. But with Sarah Strohmeyer, I have read and read and I just want more. Styles of writing are like personalities, for every personality you have at least one style of writing, maybe more. Thus there are literally thousands of books that are written and continue to be written so the selection is never ending. And each person has a different like and genre so really a person could be overwhelmed thinking of the choices. Luckily I can't get into scary or other genres...... yet.

So this book Sweet Love was again a hit from my fav writer. I found it relatable as the main character is a single parent and lives above her parents. Her mother is in the aging process and her father is never around. So part of me could totally see myself in this character. Her mother signs her daughter up for dessert classes to try and reconnect her with her first love. The one her mother warned her about and forbade him to pursue her daughter when she was 17 and he was 21. However the main character is unaware of that piece of the puzzle. She assumes her friend was behind some of the match making.

So can these two find love again? Was it just a kid thing? Well I don't want to ruin the whole book for you. So you'll have to read it to find out. I can only say I loved it! It's not always the happy ending with Sarah that you would want but it's always very heart warming. Makes you appreciate those relationships you have in your life. And gives you an itch sometimes to try something new. In this case, some dessert recipes that you wouldn't typically make. For me at least that tickled me. Or even to try a cooking recipe out of the norm. So your kids aren't always eating that mac n cheese or meatloaf!

I couldn't wait to pick this book up to see what the characters were up to at each point of the story. I read it in a few days. I ran to the library to get another book. Currently reading Kindred Spirits. And so far all I can say is I want to start a ladies group that makes martini's and chit chats!!!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Always Be True

There's a song that I liked when I was younger. It was from a record we had as kids. It went:

Always Be True
Always be true, always be true
Be true to the one whom your married to
love him like no other in all that you do
love him forever and always be true

Always be true, always be true
be true to the one whom your married to
love her like no other in all that you do
love her forever and always be true

If your faithful in this you are faithful to God
always remember how he has loved you
love one another and always be true.

In my mind I picture my mom and dad, my husband and myself. I see each couple lovingly taking care of each other. Always be true, simple. Lately my parents being older have been having issues in their life with their health. Pretty serious stuff. I have felt like I am trying to be their cheerleader, trying to listen. Trying to encourage them. Being positive. I feel pretty good nowadays. Which I think God had shown me so I can help my parents in ways that would be helpful to them.

In my personal life it seems like all the little stuff is being blown out of proportion. What I can't figure out is why does no one else see that this is not the important thing in the grand scheme of things. Let's bring it back to basics, always be true. Be true to the one whom your married to....... love her like no other in all that you do, love her forever and always be true.

We don't have the promise of forever. We don't have the promise of tomorrow. God has given us this day. And I really want to be loved today. It's not just about one thing, it can be about multiple things. Being faithful, being honest, putting that person and their needs first, making them smile, making them laugh, holding their hand, giving a hug. The list could go on and on. Cherish this day. That's all you get!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Letter to My First Born


A thought occured to me today. And I wanted to share with you so you would understand if you could in some way.

When I found out I was pregnant with you, I was afraid that my parents would be angry with me. That they wouldn't support me or my marriage to James. I thought the world would treat me like I was just a child having a child. When I took that pregnancy test after I got sent home from work with flu like symptoms, I thought I would know the results but part of me didn't think it could really happen. When I found out, I was happy. I think that's normal, you are given this gift from God and I think that is part of the joy surrounds you.

So don't let the joy be diminished by the fear of what anyone will say. You have never cared what people think, don't start now. You are doing very well with being responsible and trying to start your adult life in a positive way. Keep it up Krissy. Be happy. You will always have someone in life that won't agree with your opinion, you will always have someone that will think you should do better or make better choices, all that matters really, is that you love God with all your heart and you pass that legacy on to your child. God has entrusted you with this life, to be your baby's teacher and teach that baby how to find him. How to have eternal life with it's mama. How to love others. It is a great responsibility and honor to enter this arena and God has told you that you will never walk it alone.

I also want to share with you about how you "think" I feel. I have always hoped to make my parents proud of me. I have always felt that I have disappointed them and continue to do so with the mistakes that I may be making. And I am continually amazed at how opposite of the truth this is indeed. My mother and father continue to be proud of me and the way I keep trying to live my life. So to you I wanted to share, that no matter what you do. I have always been and will always be proud to call you my daughter. When you were born, I was proud of you. I held you and I was so scared that I would break you. But I didn't. You made my life sooooo much better Krissy Morgan. You gave me something to live for...... you gave me a way to finding my relationship with God. My life is so much better with you and having you. I was proud at your 6th grade graduation, I was proud at all of your school concerts, I was proud of you getting your permit and license and I will be proud of you when you have your baby.

If all you do in life is be a mom, no matter what job you have, no matter what man you marry, no matter how rich or poor you are. No matter what I will LOVE you and I will always be proud to call you my first born daughter.

Now hold your head up. I have a ton of people offering help. We will all help you through this time. Let's try to have some fun now!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Begin Again

Took a deep breath in the mirror, he didn't like it when I wore high heel,s but I do. Turn the lock and put my headphones on he always said he didn't get this song but I do, I do. Walkedi n expecting you'd be late but you got here early and stand and wave. I walk to you, you pull my chair out and help me in and you don't know how nice that is but I do. And you throw your head back laughing like a little kid, I think it's strange that you think I"m funny cause he never did. I've been spending the last 8 months thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end but on a wednesday in a cafe I watched it begin again. You said you never met one girl who had as many james toaylor records as you but I do. We tell stories and you don't know why I"m coming off a little shy but I do. And we walked down the block, to my car and I almost brought him up but you start to talk about the movies that your family watches every single christmas and I want to talk about that and for the first time what's past is past.

This Day and Age

Maybe it's just me or my age...... I am tired of people judging. Maybe I am too liberal, is that the word? I'm a christian, I believe in Jesus. Lately I am faced with people all around being so judgmental. Now do I judge, heck ya I guess I do. Don't we all. Yes... however I also realize there are two sides to every photo. I try not to go around and gossip and yes I have my days where all I want to do is call up my bestie to tattle on someone. So maybe I'm no better?

Sitting here and listening to others talk about this person and that person..... I just sat back and looked at each of them and thought to myself, what about the road you chose? I seem to recall you did something very similiar. And maybe it was the company I was keeping but I felt compelled to speak up.... hey what are you talking about? This person your speaking of is supportive of you! They just told me how they care about you! It just drove me crazy!

Didn't Jesus tell us to love others? Isn't that the most important commandment? Is it up to me to look at all the things my friend is doing wrong and do nothing but condemn. Can't we just work on our plank in our eyes and let God take care of the judging. Is it my job to love my neighbor or judge him? Would judging him bring him closer to God? Wouldn't a relationship where we can talk openly and honestly be more helpful? Especially this time of the year..... if we can't cast the first stone due to our own sins, then we should be ashamed to point a finger at anyone else and say anything!

I don't know I just had to say something. Get off your high ground and look in the mirror.