Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Super Hero

We got to watch the movie, "Green Lantern," last night at Uncle Rick and Auntie Cheryl's house. It was a good movie, for me, I was so tired that I had to go to bed in the middle of it. But before I went to bed, I got to catch a moment of precious innocence.

My youngest son Gabriel, 6 year old. Is watching this movie and at times it's scaring him so he's hiding his eyes but he is dying to see the Green Lantern super hero. Finally it happens, the green lantern flies through the air and we all think to ourselves it would be cool if you could fly.

My son believes we can fly. He believes that he can grow up to be the Green Lantern. He can't wait and is excited for it to transform him. He doesn't doubt any thing, even if someone tells him differently. He will be a super hero some day.

My husband and I exchange a smile with each other. We know the impossibility of it. But we don't say anything. In fact Dj says, we'll have to start saving for our super hero outfit. ;0)

I hope my boys feel this way with the Lord. I hope they believe me without doubt. This is the way it should be even for us with adults. But we know that it is possible.

homemade is the best!

I don't generally like to drink. When we come to my brother in laws we all have a little something. I have tried many different wines as my hubby likes them so much but never found one that tasted good. Except for like boones farm and as an adult I refuse to drink that or the wine coolers!

My brother in law has been trying his hand at making homemade wine. This batch was a homemade bottle of pomegranite and it really tastes good! If more wine was like this, then I would drink it.

I bought this chocolate to go with it, tasted pretty good together!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

chiggers, I think not

A week ago my hubby thought he got bite by chiggers. So having had them before he let it run its course. Lately his legs have been swelling and looking red and weepy. I finally told him he had to go to the doctor! I made the appointment. Soooo glad I did!

The doctor thought he got into some kind of plant causing the rash. Now its be come infected. The paperwork says staph infection... The doctor prescribed Prednisone to help swelling, cephalexin for antibotic and hydroxyzine to help him sleep.

So I am very happy to finally have gotten him treated! He seems more upbeat cause there is an to wash all the bedding etc and lysol like crazy everything!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Baking Fiend

Last week I was off on thursday and friday for the Jewish holiday, Sukkot. I had monday and tuesday of this week off due to conferences and my school did not need me to come in for those to work. So what did I do with my time off??? Aside from hanging with my family and getting to do things with them that I don't normally get to do, I baked! I love baking versus cooking. I love sugar!

Thursday Night
Special K Bars!

Saturday Night
Lemon bread! See the yummy glaze on top!

Sunday and Monday yes both nights, I baked
Chocolate chip cookies! Everyone's Fav

I have never baked the lemon bread before and I gotta say that recipe was wonderful! I loved it. It was very tasty especially with a real lemon versus the lemon juice. And the glaze was awesome! I might have to remember that for other recipes where a glaze would be lovely!

Special K bars are my old favorite. I like making them without the butterscotch chips! So much better in my opinion.

And when asking the kids their favorite cookie, they of course say chocolate chip! my hubby likes them a little crispier, I like them a little more cakey and the kids love the dough.

I hope I haven't gained ten pounds! It's been soooooo long since I've baked, I am not going to worry about it. I'll enjoy it. Then when I'm working again, I'll stick to the routine of not baking.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bonfire Days

Lately the weather has been very cool! Perfect bonfire weather! I love that in our area we can have a fire pit and do a bonfire any day of the week! This weekend we had two bonfires and invited the neighbors. I also love our relationships with our neighbors! It was a very good time.... kids with marshmellows burnt by the fire. Jumping on the trampoline in the dark. Good memories.....

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I used to go to the library as a child for a place to go....I didnt have a love of reading then, in factI really disliked reading. Idid try, I read sweet valley high books and when I was younger it was the Ramona books. As an adult, I have never really gotten into reading. For book clubs, I just wanted to be a part of the social interaction so i forced myself to read big books like the
Davinci code. I can read pretty fast, not sure how I do it, maybe it was to get things over with faster!

Something happened to me this last summer. I discovered that I could lose myself in a book. i could disappear from my very stressful life. the books had to be fiction of course. it helped me get through my side effects from medication and the constant ups and downs of my hubby. i have loved reading! so much in fact that i get bummed when the book comes to an end. i miss the characters and the story line. then i venture to the library and get another!

i started with romance, danielle steel and nora roberts. love it! recently i picked up jodi picoult. oh she is good! really good! i finished the pact. wonderful story. so today my family and i went to stillwater library. on a sunday! i couldnt even wait til monday!

i got another jodi picoult book, keeping faith. i cant wait to start. while there we saw the library has added some new kid stuff. funny when i was a sahm i was at the library every week for something to do with the kids. the past three years i've been working and it seems we never go. or very rarely. the kids had a blast doing a puppet show... a lot has changed in these three years.

we all had a the library....who would have guessed it!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Parks, bubble tea and dedications, oh my!

Friday I got off of work early for Yom Kippur! I work for a Jewish private school so I get those holidays off in addition to the regular holidays everyone else gets off! It's super nice. I was very happy. I went home and got to take the boys, including the hubby out for a few errands. We had to drop paperwork off for homeschool and we went to a store. Then one of my boys wanted to go to the park while the other wanted to go home.

Dj went home with Gideon and he went to see if his best friend, Mariah, could play. Then Gabe came with me. I asked Dad if he could give me a few bucks for ice cream after the park!

Gabe and I hit Washington park in Stillwater. It was very nice. By this time the weather cooled off to around 70's and it was very breezy. I loved it. Watching him play was fun. He's so reserved so when I encouraged him to try and play with some other kids, he just says no way. He doesn't know anyone here, no one from his class is there. I tell him well Gabe your homeschooled this year so no one will be here from you class. He's funny.

He was perfectly content to play on top of the slides. He really seems to like to climb. And swing. In fact, he loves to conquer climbing poles. The reason I say this is because at home or anywhere we go if he sees a pole, he must climb it. And not once, but many times. He will get to the top, if not this time next time. He also doesn't appreciate if I watch him. He asks me to look the other way. So I honor his request, sort of. I like to pretend to look the other way and when he's deep in thought, I sneak a look. If he catches me he gets crazy, "I told you not to look!" Finally he gets to the top, "mom!" I look and applaud. He loves it, then he says "ok look the other way." Ha ha ha.

We went to Nelson's ice cream store after the park. They have the most delicious ice cream in Minnesota I am convinced. I love it. Three bucks and you get seriously like a pint of ice cream. I got chocolate zanzibar and Gabe got cookie dough. We got Gideon cookie dough too. And really tried hard to keep from spilling in the car all the way home. We got the ice cream home, but we'll just say I had to wash the inside of my car. And Gabe and I laughed about it, versus being upset about it.

Saturday I cleaned up a little. The boys got busy playing and then the neighbor was digging a hole for a window in the basement he was putting in. He offered the boys $5 each if they helped him. So the boys, being that they look up to our neighbor (he's a younger adult in his twenties and he's cool). They really put their heart and soul into helping. And it surprised him that they stayed to do it. He thought they'd only be in there for a few minutes. So it was nice. My little men. Then after all that we went to run a few errands. Picked up a movie they won from the bowling alley at cody's party. Tron! And the dollar store and the thrift store. I got a couple of books to read, Danielle Steel and Jodi Piccoult. And finally we ended up going to try a bubble tea.

A bubble tea is a beverage that has tapioca pearls in the bottom of the cup. It's what makes it a hit. So I tried a chocolate cooler with coffee bubbles. The kids tried a chocolate and strawberry with strawberry bubbles and Krissy tried a chai tea with traditional bubbles. Gideon did not like it at all. Dad tried his and did not like it at all. Krissy liked hers in the beginning but got sick of the bubbles. I really enjoyed mine as it tasted like coffee and chocolate but I gotta tell ya. I didn't want to eat all those bubbles. Yuck. If I go again, I will leave the stupid bubbles out. I already have planned my next one, iced green tea with honey and lemon. OR iced black tea with chocolate. Yumm! My bestie wants to try one with me, so maybe this week I'll get to try again!

Sunday we went to church. It's been a long time since we've attended church. We used to faithfully go as a family to Oakridge Community Church. When we hit some rough times with finances and my hubby's battles with the court, we stopped going. I mostly needed time to relax and not stress. church had become something that stressed me out by having to go to one more place each week after working all week long. It was embarassing our life circumstances and I didn't want share any of that with my friends and I would have in that smaller community. Through it all, the youth pastor never forgot about us. Not that everyone else did but he was in contact with our family over the years. Kris still went to youth group off and on. And he organized a turkey dinner for our family at Christmas time and a group from church came to deliver it with carols last year.

His family has held a special place in our hearts. They also have a little girl that when Holly was pregnant they were told she had some kind of medical condition wrong and that she wouldn't make it to labor and delivery. I can't remember what it was......... so as Holly and Jeremy prepared for what they would do after Holly delivered God gave them a miracle. The doctors were able to operate on the baby and save her life. After being born she passed all the days and markers that the doctors were unsure if she would make. And now a year later, she is alive and well. I believe she will always have some health issues but she is alive! And she's a cutie. And this sunday they had her dedicated. We went for them. And it was beautiful. The pastor said a prayer over her with tears in his eyes as Holly and Jeremy's eyes filled with tears and I found myself with tears in my eyes. For God's goodness and miraculous love.

It reminded me that when man says you can't, God says you can. Nothing is impossible. And God spoke to me in that service. The message from the pastor was a really good one. I felt like he was talking right to me. Talking about when you go through hard times, you tend to stop producing spiritual fruit. You tend to go inward and forget about trying to produce fruit. (This has totally been me for years) but it's during these hard times that we can use our circumstances to show the world God's love. That we can do something for others and doing that will take your mind off what your going through and show that your trusting the Lord to help you through it and you will be blessed by helping others. Seeking the kingdom first. Seems to be a theme that has been repeating to me over and over the last few weeks.

It felt good to be there again. Felt like being home and with family. And no one made us feel weird or asked us where we've been. It was nice. And I decided no matter how much I open up or not.... I need to be there and with friends. And doing something for someone else too.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


its saturday and it is beautiful outside. i am in my jammies and drinking my coffee with my hair a mess and make up slightly smeared, cause yes i dont always if ever remove it at night, outside in my lawn chair. and now that i've said it, i am realizing it may seem a little out of the norm and maybe even stereo typing me but i dont care!

i am enjoying this moment of peace and the breeze and the sun. i am reflecting on all the good things the lord has given me and done for me. lately i have prayer requets from more than a few friends about the health challenges of their children. it saddens me to think of what they are going through. it really hits close to home that there are so many and god has blessed us with our gifts of children. thank you god. i would rather this rough road that is my life currently than wondering when will be my childs last day.

let me never complain without remembering that and really all that god has done for me. amen

Friday, October 7, 2011

My Darling Daughter

Krissy has started a blog! At her school they offer her credit to write a blog. How wonderful, it's similar to journaling and so therapuetic for people so I think this will be great for her. Since it's a school thing though, her teacher can read it. So she has to keep it clean well semi-clean? I hope.....

So she sends me the address and I look it up, it has the same blog title as mine! Funny!

So it's been nice to see her thoughts and views on different things. She barely has time to talk to me nowadays and reading the blog I can see how some of her viewpoints have matured from what she used to be. She is so unique and so fun to read, I am really enjoying her blog. I hope she continues this for a long time.

Makes me proud!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Funny Things Kids Say

My son Gabe asked me last night, "Does dad get mad when I kiss you?" I said no, he is my husband so it's different than how you kiss me as my son.

My son Gideon asked me, "Can you get married to your sister when your a teenager?" I tried not to laugh and let him know that you can only get married when your a teenager if your parents give permission and that you can never marry your sister as it isn't legal. Then I asked if he wanted to marry Krissy his older sister? And he let me know that she was too old and that wasn't why he was asking. He seemed to blush.

I sometimes wonder where my 6 and 7 year old sons get their questions from....... but it's precious to see the innocence of that young age and wondering about if they experience jealousy or just wonder about it and if they really admire their sister or think she's pretty.

I think once they hear the news on the birds and the bees they'll change their tunes. ;0)