Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wen enough is enough

Ha ha ha that's my husband's line for the title. I love it! 

So yes I purchased some Wen to try for thirty days. This is my unofficial review of that product.

I love the packaging, the bottle looks cool, the comb looks cool. They sent me a thirty day supply of the shampoo/conditioner you use for daily cleaning. A comb, a conditioner treatment and some hair gel. I love the smell, I choose the mint almond one. Smells so nice. 

My hair is long. It's frizzy. I have long been looking for something to help tame the frizz especially in humidity. So I thought heck, I know friends that really love this product for the frizz control. So I'm going to try it. 

The daily shampoo/conditioning thing that supposedly cleans your hair in one bottle. Smells good and lathers on your head nicely. Feels good. And then rinses out nicely. It seemed to take longer to dry, I like to let it air dry. And that could be cause regular shampoo dries your hair out. And then I used it only a few days, my hair didn't feel clean. It felt greasy, didn't look bad though. It definately didn't do what the model hair did in the commercial. And I couldn't get another day out of it as unfortunately I also suffer from dandruff and my dandruff was out of control! I had to get back to my head and shoulders.

So I guess Wen isn't for every hair type or at least not that I have found. I guess on to another product to try to control my frizz.

Friday, March 23, 2012

My Unofficial Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey-This Time Submission is What Your Thinking and You Would Be Right!

I heard about this book on my commute home from work. I listen to FM 107 which is a talk show channel and I was listening to Lori and Julia talk about this book. I don't recall what they said but they made it sound very interesting and I guess it's the latest rage all over book clubs across America!

So I decided to see what the big deal was about......
To put it short, I think ladies are just loving the romance and sex. ;0)
To put it a little longer, this book is a sort of love story. It wasn't quite the page turner I was expecting however the author did well at keeping my attention. The leading lady, Ana, was funny to me (especially her inner dialogue).

There is a lot of sex in this book! I almost felt dirty reading it. It touches base on BDSM. But it's not so heavy that you are disgusted, if that kind of thing disgusts you, but the suspense of what is going to happen in that dept next is very, how shall I say this, part of the page turning excitement.

In the end it's not your typical love story. There are two other books that follow this relationship. To be quite honest, I am not going to read the next two books. This one book would have been better to stick to one book, condense it a little better and leave it there.

I liked that it wasn't just a porno read but definately a story to it. I would say read it to my friends if your looking to spice up your marriage and want some love story in a different than your average relationship.

Mom's 60th Birthday

My mom celebrated her 60th birthday this last weekend. St. Patty's day we went to Houlihan's to have dinner! It was followed by delicious cake from Breadart in Bayport! All three of the girls, my sisters, pitched in and purchased her a Grandmother's ring. Which she had mentioned wanting in the past and was surprised when she opened her gift.


Here are some photo's
Rachel's beautiful family

My DadOwen

Group Shot! Tried to be clever....

My mom and my sisters

Karla's Beautiful Family

My lovey boys
Our family growing up!
Cake so good!
Group shot closer!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Submission Something Old is Something New

Dirty mind! I know what your thinking and no I'm not talking about my sex life! ;0)

I'm talking about being submissive to my husband. Seems like a dirty word anyway to me. I have thought about this recently. My husband has seemed so down in his mood. Depressed. And trying to help encourage him, he just doesn't believe me. Mostly because in the last few years of our marriage I have gone from trusting him to barely knowing what to trust about him. From looking up at him to looking down on him. We've gone through more than your typical married couple. And so far we are still together. I am realizing though we may not be together forever like we thought we would be if something doesn't happen. While I can point my finger all day long at who's to blame, I would be wise to just look in the mirror for a little while.

When I first married my husband I loved him so much and put him on the pedestal. He could do no wrong and he was like my knight in shining armor. He always knew the best way to approach things and it was so nice to have someone take care of me. Promising for better or worse, I never could have imagined what the worse was and that it would be so bad that I couldn't hold to that promise.

I won't bore you with all the decisions and flaws that led us to the worse part. Most marriages have up's and down's. But at the bottom I am realizing that hey he's a person too. If he treated me the way I treat him, no way would I have stayed. And didn't I make a promise til death do I part? He's not abusing me or doing anything that would put me in danger. I really do believe the Lord would like me to stay to that promise.

So I've been reading up on submission for the christian marriage. I've read three books on the subject. I used to be quite the critic. Lately though, I'm wondering if there isn't something to it. One book I read described it like this:
When you have a job each person in the company has a specific role. The company wouldn't function well without each part. There is a boss. A good boss will ask for your views, open door policy, will want to motivate you and praise you when your doing well, will want to help you reach your goals and potiential, and though he may take into consideration your viewpoints and use them he is ultimately the one that has to make the call for the company and what is best to have it succeed. You can apply those same theories to marriage. And if your a christian then your already being submissive to the Lord and what he would like for your life.
So really thinking about that and trying to see if some of these applications don't help my marriage get better. Maybe I can build my husband back up and instead of being hurt by me he can feel like we're more a team. Then maybe he can take into consideration what I like and don't like and actually apply those more often.

I don't have to agree on everything he says and does. But like today, he was talking and talking about the post office. All I wanted to do was get him off the phone. But then I thought, this is what those books mean. He has an opinion. He wants to be heard. So I listened and waited for him to finish without interrupting him. While I had a different opinion on the subject, I decided to bring it up in a way that I was asking him if things wouldn't be better if we did it this way? In asking his opinion in a way that was stating what I was wanting to actually do, he ended up responding in a way that he thoughtfully considered what I was saying. No fighting.

So wish me luck as I try. It may back fire but I want to be one of those happy couples holding hands and people envious of our love. Get back to the beginning days where I can look up to him again. He doesn't have to live up to my expectations. He's a good guy. He has feelings too. Lord help me to try and look at my husband the way you see him.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A God Wink

Cute little story:

One night we were going to pick up some bread and milk from our local grocery store. At this store they sell cars and trucks for more than I would normally spend on a toy. $5.99 for a small car or truck. My son Gideon really likes these cars as they have doors that actually open, probably the only cool thing about this car. I tried to tell him that those cars could be found most likely at Walmart for way less. And I told him I didn't want to spend that much as I would have to buy one for him and one for Gabe. Plus play with it one day and toss it out the next which is what usually happens, so a waste anyway in my mom's brain.

But I personally can't tell my kids, "NO". So instead I say let me see what they look like and then I will let you know if it's something we can purchase less expensively at Walmart. In his mind I am sure he's thinking he'll get the car just at Walmart. I know, I know what your thinking. To each his own.

Anyway, so we go and pick up the bread and milk and while we are waiting for dad to get some water we stop to look at these cars. Standing in front of these cars is a little ole' lady. She is very nice and chit chatty and we are standing politely behind her waiting. She tells Gideon she thinks these cars are cool and she's trying to pick out a good one. She asks his opinion on which is good. So they get into a conversation about these cars. The nice lady turns to me and asks, "would it be alright if I bought your boys each a car"? I was like, oh no you don't have to do that, we were just coming to take a look at them. She then says, "oh please won't you let me do that, it will be my good act of the day."

So I hesitate and wonder, what to say. If they're too spendy for me, then they are for sure too spendy for her without any kids with her! As I am thinking my husband comes down the aisle. He asks me what's up? I then tell him and she turns to him to see if it's alright? He too looks at me and I shrug and then he looks at her. He says well that is very nice but you don't have to do that now. And she tells him how she would like to and it would be a blessing for her to buy them for the boys. You can imagine what little Gideon is thinking.........

So my husband says okay. And then she and the boys go to picking out the best ones and she goes to purchase them. We go behind her and start our check out process. She comes over and hands us the receipt and we tell her again how very sweet she is and that the boys are very excited about this gesture.

I turn to Gideon and Gabe and I tell them, that was so nice! They tell the lady thank you and she gives them each a hug and leaves the store. Then I tell Gideon that God must have heard him talking about these cars and decided to bless him.

It would be one thing if we were talking about his desire for the car in front of the lady but we didn't our conversation was at home. She had no idea and all she knew was there were too little boys waiting quietly to just look at the cars.

So how cool is that!? Gideon was really wow'ed thinking that the Lord did all this for him. And Gabe of course wasn't complaining to get a free toy! How nice. I told them both that sometimes God has angels do his work and she must be one of them.

In this day and age, this is really a very sweet thing to be a part of and I hope that one day I can be that little ole' lady doing the same thing for another person.