Thursday, June 30, 2011


Yes I said it! That evil word that no one wants to hear, Endodontics. Ugh....

Remember my blog post about needing to go to the dentist almost a year ago? That my teeth didn't feel that good and I needed to get them checked out. Well this problem has been ongoing for that long.

I thought after they filled the cavities that I would feel better. My dentist didn't see any thing else to be concerned about. I had a fractured tooth but he was going to keep an eye on that.

After six more months I had another cleaning and nothing new to report. And my teeth were feeling okay. Not bad but not great either. I can't complain though cause I hate going to the dentist.

Well this last weekend my tooth near the back on the bottom left started aching. I waited a few days and still achey. I started taking Ibuprofin for it and yes I decided I better have my dentist look at it. Maybe the fractured tooth needed to have a crown.

I went in this morning. He doesn't want to just put a crown on because if I am in pain and taking meds for it then it could be a root issue. He's seen plenty of people get a crown and the problem only gets worse. So he wants me to see an Endodontist. I have an appt scheduled for next thursday.

Got my insurance information and made sure I could see this one and talked about my coverage. I'm all set. Part of me is a little scared.

But pain is a huge motivater! I am not feeling so good and trying not to take ibuprofin around the clock cause that's not good for me either. And trying to hang in there. I feel like a cave man, I just want to rip it out!

Wish me luck, I'll let you know what the Endodontist says.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

When You Don't Like Someone

I try to like everyone. Or at least be civil to every person that comes into my path. I don't like the energy it takes to dislike someone. Not to mention the stress it can cause for no reason. Better to forgive and move on, right?

Well I do have moments where others do not feel the same. For whatever their reasons are. And I try to be fine with that, although with my personality it is hard I don't like when people dislike me or are angry with me. But the time does come when others that do not like me as well arises.

Right this moment I am utterly irritated by someone that is not fond of me this week. She is driving me crazy. Bringing up stuff that has nothing to do with anything just as a source of tension. I wonder if she is having a bad day? I wonder if she is on her period? We usually have this civilness about us and get along fine. And it's someone I see almost everyday, so I don't have the option to not talk with this person. And we don't always have bad times together. Our relationship is definately a roller coaster.

So I had to blog about it as I am getting myself worked up. I hope this low in our coaster doesn't last long. Of course I am the one to smile and not retaliate. Just to get it over with quick. Wish it was someone I could just say adios to and remove from my life. I can't......

For anyone that would be reading this blog, it is not about you! ;0) You are all my dear friends. I would not have shared my blog with you otherwise. I know this for a fact that this person will never be reading my blog.

Advice??? Anyone???

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Niece Marissa

This is my niece Marissa! She is an unbelievable young woman. I am very proud of her. She is committed to the Lord at such a young age of 15. Has been for some time. She is currently taking some of her summer vacation time to go on a mission trip. She lives in Marshfield, WI and her church is helping the people affected by the North Minneapolis tornadoes. She raised money to come on this trip to help. It is truly inspiring to see a young person serve in this capacity. And words are not enough to really share with her how I admire what she is doing. I pray she will always have this heart as she grows older. This evening they took time out from work to go to Minnehaha falls. We got the chance to meet up with them! It was so much fun!

My husband is funny he never likes to look directly at the camera???

My pride and joy, Krissy. Wanted me to do like a milk mustache pic. So we did. Funny. Had to get a little DQ at the end of our wonderful night.

Krissy captured this cute pic. Like father, like son.

Father's Day BBQ

A Beautiful day for a BBQ. We sat in the shade and had lot's of laughs.

This is a good one of my mom and I laughing. You can tell my hubby had the camera, there are way too many pics of me.

Ahhh so sweet. Not sure why he wanted to pose with the cookies, they are good though!

Hamming it up for the camera!

Nice pic of my dad and mom. And I guess the butt ugly army truck. Ha ha ha

Some of the yummy eats!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

To the world's best Father's. My father of course and my husband. The things I will never know that they have had to endure. The thoughts that plagued their minds of worry and concern or care and love for us children. And how the protective side never ends.

I wish I could glance into their mind for just a moment. All the questions that I have wondered. It is helpful to have my husband to ask his opinion on things that I wondered about my dad. Gives me a greater insight. I find myself loving my dad every circumstance I go through and as each year passes more and more. We don't share with words how much we love each other and yet I totally understand.

To see how my husband is with our kids, makes me want to cry. To see how much he loves them and takes care of them. How he teaches them and corrects them when needed. It's so different from what I have known from my father, not bad just different. And I am truly thankful to have him in their lives.

So to my important men, I wish you a very happy Fathers Day!

Friday, June 17, 2011


I love summer vacation. The boys have two beds. They seem to always end up in one bed together. I think Gabe is the one that says he is scared. However when Gabe wants dad to sleep with him then for whatever reason, Gideon ends up sneaking into his bed.

Brings me back to the days of when my little sister would sleep with me. I don't remember why we did that and it wasn't every night like my kids, but for whatever reason we ended up together too, in a twin bed! Sweet memories.

So last night the boys got into trouble for throwing animal crackers out the window. So I made them come in from playing until dark with friends. I had them get ready for bed early and turned on a movie for bed. They ended up falling asleep early in my bed. So this morning I woke up and this is what they looked like. I think Gabe is going to have the cuddle bug, watch out ladies of his future. He had all this space on his side of the bed and he chose to sleep closer to Gideon. Gideon on the edge. Just like me and Dj, bet you can guess who's the cuddle bug our relationship. I'll give you a hint, I'm always holding on for dear life or bed. ;0)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aftermath of Date Night

It was a very nice monday! My mom came out and we went to Breadart! A local bakery. I got ice cream, peanut butter chocolate. It is so good! And the kids each got to get a little goodie too. Had a nice visit with my bestie, aka "mom". Then the boys got packed up and went for some fun with Gramma. The teenager and her friend went out all afternoon with friends. Nice!

We started our date day by bringing my hubby to do a side job! He was helping someone with some electrical thing in their house. While he did that, I went in search of Skinny girl margarita mix. My friend told me it was good and I thought what the heck, I'll try that for date night. Generally I am not an alcohol person, I drink maybe one every six months. I prefer a pop to the beverage. But I thought I'd give it a try, since it came highly rated.

I wanted to try not to fight with my hubby and just make it a nice time between him and I. So I got all dressed up, even wore a dress. First I had to weigh in over at weight watchers for the week. ;0) Got the good news, lost another 1.8 pounds! Overall weight loss -8.4 pounds. Yahoo, and finally it is starting to show on some of my clothes.

Then we headed to Leeann Chin for me and Panera for him. We got our food to go and headed to the river by our house. There are picnic tables there. So we enjoyed dinner by the river. Had some good conversation. Took a stroll. And then we rented a few movies, not really worth mentioning, and headed home for our cocktails.

The skinny girl stuff was okay, I remembered why I don't like the margarita's as much. Tequila. Yuck! So I added some 7-up to it and then it was pretty good. Funny how 7-up makes so many of those alcoholic beverages taste good!

We enjoyed our time together. No kids. A little loving,but I cannot blog about that. Then we'd have to turn this blog into something completely different. ha ha ha but it would not be very steamy and my entries would not be as many. Oh ha ha I should stop.

Now I am blogging the day after. I am tired and trying to get motivated to picking up the kids. We need to do some grocery shopping and so I'll be busy today. Work tomorrow.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday and Date Day

Today is officially the first weekday for the kids to be off of school! We had a great weekend and now this morning my mom is coming for a visit. We are going to a local bakery, Breadart, to get a little treat. After my mom will be bringing the kids overnight for a slumber party.

The boys were excited but Gideon is thinking he will miss playing with his current best bud, Carson. I told him had had to go and Carson will be here tomorrow. So funny, mama and daddy need some alone time. It's been too long!

What will we do? I don't know. We have to do one side job for Dj, an opportunity to make a few bucks, gotta do that. Then I need to weigh in at weight watchers, been doing so good, gotta keep on the roll! Then I have no idea. We are so boring. Movie, out to dinner??? I don't know. One of my friends suggested Segway touring. Ha ha ha I cannot see us doing this but that was nice.

I'll let ya know!

Friday, June 10, 2011

School's Out For Summer

Last day of school today! The kids are very happy and excited. They can't wait just not to have to go to school. I am grateful for the fact that they don't have to be in bed any time so they can wake up in time. They can play with their friends until the sun sets if they want and we can watch movies until we get tired!

Since I am off too saturday through tuesday, it's so much more fun! I do notice when we're not on a routine or schedule that I find myself getting more nervous about going out and doing things. Almost like, staying home produces more desire to stay home. It's crazy. And then add heat to the mix and I'm no good, I cannot stand the heat. I don't mind if it's warm or hot without humidity, but any humidity and I just hate going outside.

So not entirely sure what we'll do for fun. Of course the beach. There are some happenings with the library that we'll check out. I need to make sure I get the kids reading and keeping up on some of the school stuff. They suggested summer school for Gideon because of his reading and getting behind, I learned from all my years with Krissy how useless summer school really is. They rush the kids through the summer school curiculumn and they don't really learn anything. Plus he is fine with math he just needs the help with reading and they don't customize it. ;0) So we opted not to do summer school, but now we really need to keep up helping him with books and reading at home. So I need to make sure there are some routines we do everyday. I think that will be good for us.

I saw a sign for a local church and vacation bible school, that will be something I need to check into. I always seem to miss it every year as they begin so soon and then when I go to look I see I've missed it. So it's nice that I saw a sign this year!

So here's to a fun summer! The 4th of July is right around the corner!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


For every action there is a re-action. A consequence. Whether good or bad. As a child and young adult this would always take me by surprise. Really,why is this terrible thing happening to me!

Now as a more mature adult, I realize that life is really made up of moments. One moment to the next. Unfortunately for me, it's been a lot of stress and not always good moments. However, the small good moments are pretty great and if I wrote those down, I bet they would outweigh the bad stuff. Just the bad stuff is so heavy, makes it hard to see the good stuff.

So due to some stuff that my hubby has done we are currently in a lot of financial problems. And recently having to make the decision to quit renting the apartment we have had the past year. This apartment has been my security blanket. But money is so tight and with just my income and him not working, it's just too much.

Our lease is done in July. We are moving back to the house. Our house is currently in litagation, my husband is trying to keep it. We are close to losing it because we got so far behind. We went into foreclosure almost two years ago. The past year we've been renting and he's been trying to keep the house. We are not close to anything happening. Our friend has been living in the house for us as he needed a place to stay. And nothing has happened so for a while, we are going to move back. Catch our breath. Save some money, pay off debts.

On the one hand it will be nice to catch up. On the other, I hate that we are living in so much uncertainty. Any day, we may need to move again and then what? I could move home with my parents but then my hubby can't come. This would tear the kids apart. Be hard on them, hard on me. And screw up three kids in schools. One of which is in a college program next year. Ugh.

So for now I am choosing to move home. I will cross one bridge at a time. And hopefully get back on our feet again. This landlord has been really cool. Maybe he will let us come back if we need to in a few months?

So here's to the next moment, may it be a better one.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Beach Day

What a beautiful day we had saturday! Actually today is really nice too, no humidity but in the 80's. So we hit the beach for the first time this year!

Lake Elmo Park Reserve has this wonderful man-made beach. No seaweed, no fish and the kids love it! They are finally old enough to be in the water without me! However I still go in and swim. It was cold but fun and refreshing. Guess others thought it to be a good idea too, it was busy! But oh well. I put a little sun screen on me and the kids but my stubborn husband didn't put any on. He is burnt. So today we are staying out of the sun.

After the beach we had a BBQ, bacon cheeseburgers! So good. It was a really good day.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Vacation

I am officially done with my job for the school year! I am officially on summer vacation! I will still work one of my school jobs on wednesdays, thursdays and fridays. Leaving saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday open! I'm very excited. I look forward to the kids being off of school and all of us off a routine!

This summer there is really no extra funds for any activities. I do feel bad that there won't be much of any structure for the kids. However, if I think back to my summer vacations, we never did anything either. We spent time at the parks and beaches and if stuff in the neighborhood came up, we'd go. So we survived, the kids will be fine. We live right by the river and can go everyday swimming. The kids love swimming, so we'll be fine.

Now if my tax refund check will come, then I will not be worried about anything! I was hoping to have that money by now so I could just pay the summer bills and be fine. Maybe even have a few extra bucks for us to do some kind of mini vacation, nothing extravagent. Maybe go camping or something! If my check doesn't come soon however, then I will be calling up a temp agency to see if I can do some kind of data entry part time. Anything for some moola for our bills. Luckily it wouldn't need to be a ton, so we'll see. Praying for a miracle, cause really summer vacation sounds like so much more fun!

Krissy will be working this summer. That should be interesting. She is really liking her job and the people she works with are so supportive. I am so glad, a group of people that are in the real world and showing her how much better the real world can be versus the mean old school world. It's been very good for her and her confidence, they keep telling her she is doing really well. Now she can earn her own money to go and do some fun summer stuff on her days off. Get some really nice school clothes and misc. stuff that I can be off the hook for now! Yahoo.

Life is going great lately. Dj has another challenging time coming up but I am not as stressed, I really am putting into practice that God really does work things out for the good of those that love him. I am holding to that, even if it doesn't go the way I think it should. I only have to do today right now, not worry about tomorrow. The St. John's wort is going good. I'm not up to the full dose yet. It's been a month and I'm almost there. It's been good for me so I don't freak out about any side effects. And I've dusted off my old anxiety cd's and have been listening to those again and the skills I should be using when those obsessive thoughts come intruding my brain.

So here's to summer vacation! After work today, I am off for a week and then my summer schedule starts.