Monday, August 23, 2010

An Amazing Day

Today was mostly me running around town, dropping Krissy off for her orientation and then going to the bank, grocery store, picking up Krissy's boyfriend and bringing him home. Oh the money I could make if I charged per mile. ;0) And I hate driving!

It was also a very emotional day. What is it with us women and our hormones! I swear I feel like a mad woman, so in between crying and driving, I didn't do anything fun. ;0( I felt terrible for the boys, they did the best they could with me. But they were bored! So after eating some Aldi chicken nuggets for dinner, which by the way they are cheap but so very tasty! I decided it was still hot and humid enough to go and try swimming! My friend Holly told me that Big Marine was supposed to be a nice beach to try this year! So I thought, what the heck, I'll see.........
It took us 36 minutes to get there!

We drove past this amazing park!

So we knew we had to come back to play there, this got us very excited to see the beach area! Not to mention, this county park is surrounded by very beautiful nature and scenary!
Time for the beach!

It was very cool that it wasn't too deep! You could walk all the way to the buoy's and the boys could still touch! So that was awesome! Gabe had no fear, just jumped right in! Gideon took one look at the water and saw this.......

Ugh.... no way is he jumping in! Eventually everyone got in and found some good spots.

The sand was very soft and that was very cool! A young couple in love were out on the beach and walking, they feed the fish and had Gideon help them. Funny, I thought he'd go running!
We even talked Krissy and Christian into coming with us! So that was fun. It was so nice out after the sun started to set. It was cool by the water, we were one of the only ones there. It was quiet and it was beautiful. I had to take a moment and thank God for giving us this time together.

So after we got cold....... we headed to the amazing park!

This park is a blast! We may not go back for swimming much if at all, but this park, definately!

I am so blessed to have my kids and the life we have. There are so many things wrong with the world right now and things are tough for us, but I just felt really happy tonight. I pray for more moments like these. As it got dark we had to finally say farewell!

Everyone felt like they needed a little something......


Oh yea baby, we did! ;0) But I was good, I tried a mini blizzard and it was very good! Just enough ice cream but not too much!

I love summer and days like these!

High School Orientation

Today is high school orientation for Krissy! Phew! I can hardly believe this year is here. Crazy! She will be starting 10th grade and most kids this grade have started high school in 9th grade. This high school has such a huge student population that they start in 10th grade!

Is Krissy excited?

Well yes and no. I think she is looking forward to seeing some friends she missed this last year as they went on ahead of her. But I am sure she also has a little nervous energy too!

Gotta love the pics.

She's talking about driver's ed and wanting to drive. She wants to get a job! In just a few short months my first baby is old enough to do all that! And when I think back, kindergarten couldn't come fast enough and now graduating is coming too soon.

I love you Krissy Morgan Leigh! You are a remarkable young woman, with so much creativity and zest for life! I pray you keep your uniqueness and never let this world get you down!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tiny My Kitty

I love my Tiny boy. He's such a good cat. I didn't always like cats, matter of fact I really didn't like them. I really loved dogs. We had a little dog named Pepper growing up. I loved him so much, I'd spend so much time on the stairs going to the basement landing just rubbing his head and belly, I loved smelling his little head. It always smelled like chicken to me.
As an adult, I have had a few dogs come into my life. I have to say I am no longer fond of dogs. I think it's because to me they feel like a lot of work, almost like a child! I remember ones that needed to be potty trained and brought outside often. I remember having toddlers and babies and trying to walk a dog with them. Crazy, that is for the birds. Anyone with kids, hat's off to you if you own a dog as well!
When Krissy wanted a kitten from one of her friend's litter, I was very hesitant. Not wanting to have to get rid of yet another animal as it didn't work for our family. I hate being like that, but really with two little toddlers and my hubby gone all the time, I just couldn't do it. Especially as my family wanted bigger dogs! Ugh. So I finally gave in to the cat, our first one was a female cat. She was precious growing up and I fell in love with her. Over time we fought tooth and nail to keep her in the house but she just wanted to be outdoors. That turned her mean and rough. So we could no longer cuddle with her. From her we got Tiny, he was one of the kittens we kept. We decided to keep him as when he was little he had this fly larvae in his cheek. We spent the most money on him in vet bills. So because of that, we had to keep him!
Mama cat is no longer with us, had to be put down. So sad, I will never feel good about that. But Tiny has been so comforting. Having him has made the bad times seem more calm, just sitting with him and holding him. I can't explain it. He does funny stuff, like this picture. I love it! He doesn't love a lot of attention but he'll come cuddle, mostly by your butt or feet. Even Dj's feet! Phew!
So I am now a cat lover! And may I say, they are so easy to care for, not high maintainence at all!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Date Day!

So Rick and Cheryl are moving to Alexandria. I'm sad to see my brother and sister in-law move. They are so much fun and everytime we get together as family, they are so wonderful. I have been blessed with them and how loving they are. Yesterday Dj went to pick up some furniture they are giving away and the boys went with him. They got to sleep over with them and hang with cousin Emily. One last hurrah before they move. Could make me cry. So because of that, Dj and I got a date day and night.

Last night we watched t.v. and ate Gabe's favorite, taco's. ;0) Sleep in and had coffee and just lounging around. Totally enjoying our time.

But today............... we are going to see Salt!

OH yes! It was this or the Expendables. Now I love movies but if I wanna see something good, then I gotta go on my own, with my friends or Krissy. So this seemed like a good one to compromise on. I'll let ya know how it goes.

But first, before we see the movie, we're going to lunch. We picked, (drum roll)..........................


Peace out time for my shower!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tooth Lost

Gabe lost his tooth! This is his second tooth, precious! He was so happy and proud. So I am posting his beautiful pictures of his pride and joy! The tooth fairy was good and brought him some money. He spent it already at the dollar store! Gotta love it.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lake Elmo Park Reserve

Today I got to transfer the title of the car in my name! The car that my parents so generously gave me a great deal on! It's now officially mine! My parents came to Stillwater to transfer it for me. Afterwards we went to Walmart for a little shopping and then to DQ for a little ice cream treat! I KNOW! How many days just this weekend have I eaten junky, guess my resolve is out the window! ;0) But it was a very nice time and gave me a good memory with my parents!

Then I came home and Dj and the boys and I ran errands! Got an antenna for our t.v. And guess what?! It works. Now I can get regular t.v. channels and watch some Big Brother! No more movie after movie. Yea! I just didn't want to pay $45 to get basic cable set up and regular channels and then $12 a month. This sure beats that!

We finally made it to the Lake Elmo Park Reserve this summer. Only took until August! But we had a blast. More swimming. But it was a blast and Dj came swimming again! Fun!

For those that don't know, this is a man made lake. It has nothing yucky in it. We love it! It only goes 6 feet. So it was a treat to swim in!

Tomorrow is my interview for a full time Administrative Assistant job. It's closer to home and I'm pretty excited about it. I think it was totally God putting this opportunity before me. So if it was really meant for me, then I will get it. So far the nerves are okay. I think I'm set. I got my outfit all picked out. I've been thinking of possible questions in my mind. I'm just gonna do it! Nothing to lose, only gain. It would be so nice to have a job close to home and it be full time.

Wish me luck!

Heat and the Storm

So it was so hot and humid sunday that all we did was stay inside!

I just bought a waffle maker from Target! It was only $6 bucks! What a deal. So I cleaned the house and made waffles!

Cool huh?! And they tasted wonderful. The kids like them with chocolate chips on top and I like mine with a little chocolate chips and syrup. Too much like a dessert, probably why I love it!

So I did get a few load of laundry done but really I just didn't want to even leave the house. Feeling like a steam bath out there.

To cool off we went swimming. Krissy was at a birthday party. But we got Dj to come out and swim! Usually he just watches, but he came in the water. He gave the boys flips off his hands and they had a blast!

As we were swimming we heard the thunder roll. And then lightening flash. So we hauled butt outta there. Got home just in a knick of time! It was a fast down pour and didn't seem that bad. I stepped outside and this is what I saw.......

Tree branches down on both sides. Crazy! Nothing major though. So phew!

Exciting day!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Saturday Craziness

Today was very busy. I hadn't intended oringinally for it to be that busy!
Gideon had a birthday party that he got to attend. It was an all boy party, so for Gideon that was a little nerve wrecking. His best friends are Olivia and Elly. ;0) But it turned out great! He had fun! He told me at first he just was shy and didn't play much but then he played with the birthday kid, Preston!

So because Gideon got to go to the party for three hours, Gabe wanted to do something special with me. Krissy wanted me to pick Christian up so they could hang. Since I didn't want them to be alone in the house, I decided they could come with me and Gabe. So off to the new dollar store in Stillwater! Love that they put one in again closer to us. So we found a few treasures and then headed to Target for Krissy. She has some friends party's coming up, phew in all that I have spent in birthday parties lately, not sure we need to go to them all! ;0) We got hungry and then boom my resolve for the weekend went out the window! Gabe wanted McDonald's, in a moment of hunger, I mean weakness, I caved.

Not all of this was mine! But it was delicious! And I will not buy more junk food this weekend! I just can't. ;0) And I got my aspartame fix! I'm not buying pop anymore but when I get something at a fast food place I still go for it. It's good!

Then off to Teddy Bear park. By this time of the day it was heating up but in the shade was a nice breeze so I agreed. It's crazy to try Teddy Bear Park on the weekend! Most of the people from other places come then and it's too busy. The deal was if I couldn't find a parking spot then we had to forget it. But God was smiling on little Gabe cause we found one! And though everyone of my friends has the Teddy Bear Park pictures, I've posted them below for those of you that don't live in the area.

Krissy and Christian were nice enough to play with Gabe. Without Gideon he's lost. At least at the park! ;0)

We finally picked up Gideon and went to the beach! Ahh when it's hot and the beach is just blocks away, it's so nice!

Yea still working on uploading video footage. ;0) Oh well. So I got my exercise in the river, lots of waves so that really worked me out good.

Then Dj did a BBQ for all of us. After a BBQ fire and losing some meat, I made a run for a little more so we could all enjoy something. That was fun, a little outdoor picnic dinner.

I played Taxi for Krissy. Dropped her and Christian off at the county fair. We've lived here for six years and never went to the fair. Maybe next year..... At least my daughter can say she went! And she had fun. Didn't bring a lot of money but got a lot out of it. Nice! And a good memory for her and her boyfriend to share.

So after all that, I am so pooped. Sunday is going to be hot and humid so I am making it my rest day. Do some laundry, drink some coffee and maybe go to the beach again for cooling off! This summer is killing me with the heat and humidity!

Now you can see why I'm so tired and why saturday was crazy!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pizza! Don't ya just love it?!
We love it in my house, or maybe just I love it and I think my family feels the same? ;0) One time I posted a comment on my status at Facebook about it and I got so many comments! People eating pizza the same time as me, people that loved this kind or that. It surprised me, I bet pizza has to be everyone's favorite! I really should start a business with this.......

So we had pizza for dinner last night. I tell myself this will be the one time this weekend we'll be having junky dinner. Then I will cook and eat regular food. Even if we got a little bit of spending money from our taxes, I will save that for intended purpose and then I will cook!

Now what to make?

Plus who will eat what I cook, just me. Usually. I wish I could take a cooking class. So all this homemade cooking will help me lose this baby fat that I've been trying to lose for five years! Dang..... It's funny, if you've never had to watch your weight and then you have to lose weight, it's so hard! I think back to when I was skinny. How did I do it? Food was never a priority. How to get back to that? Let's see..... eating just something to get my stomach filled a little. Never baked goodies. Didn't know how to cook stuff so I did simple easy stuff. I never liked butter, creams or any of that delicious stuff. Or never knew I liked it. So I should try to get back to that! And crazy that I would miss my goodies, like I'm mourning saying goodbye to a friend!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Awww, I'm tired. Today was a great day at work. I got to see my old work buddy, Krystle! She came for a visit! It was so nice to see her and catch up.

Got home and drama! Dj returned the movies to the library like I asked but oh no, he returned the books I was reading! On top of that I left some important receipts inside one of the books! Too funny, I just happened to go to the library to start my blog and when I checked out some stuff, the librarian told me she had my receipts! What?!! Funny. I was glad to check those books out again.

Then Dj and I took the boys to the bank to clear up a bank fiasco...... Let me just say if you don't have a joint account and you want to cash a check in both names, it's such a mess! But hey I like my own account, so whatever I guess it's worth it!

We took the boys to the park and for dinner at Burger King! Made my day of course! So here's the fun night at the park, nice and cool. My kind of weather! The boys wanted to wear their costumes. Funny! Krissy was at a movie with her friends. She saw Charlie Mc Cloud, made it sound good! I look forward!

Have a great night! Here's to a Happy Friday!

Giving It A Shot!

Well so many of my friends are trying this whole blog thing out. I thought What the heck! I'll give it a shot. I love typing and it's so much easier than handwriting something! Copying my lil' sis, Rach!

So here I am, sharing my heart with all of you, my family and friends! ;0) Wish me luck.

Hopefully it will be fun to read!