Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas at home

We had our family christmas on christmas eve. We woke up and opened presents. I think we did good this year and the kids were happy with all the cool things they got. The boys got poloroid touches and they are so very cool! They play music, you can post pics and videos. So they love those, Krissy got a bunch of Hello Kitty stuff and a Hot Topic gift card, her favorite store! Dj and I got a tea set. ha ha ha well mostly for me, I got one like I got for Gideon cause it was so cute! You can make a pot of tea and share it with others in these cups! I love it! Kid at heart!

I think for my birthday I will get a poloroid touch cause it's so cool!

We went to a candlelight service at a local lutheran church. That was nice. I like the candle part! The kids got to take part in the communion with us that night so that was special to me. It was funny, Gabe asked if dad was going to take a snack too. Ha ha ha the wafers and wine, a snack! Precious.

I was terrible this year at taking pics. Here is just a few that I captured. Oh the picture of the boys room is after I cleaned it. Took all day to get rid of old toys and pick things up. The pic looks like it's still a cluttered space but it's so wonderfully picked up! Hope it stays that way for a bit.