Sunday, September 12, 2010

Marissa's Birthday

We had such a great time at Marissa's birthday party! We came in on saturday this year instead of friday. Made it just in time for the party! I really don't like driving and trying to get us all ready and on the road in time, Phew it's always a challenge.

This year I was battling the flu or some kind of bug. I didn't feel well the night before and I was in the bathroom all night. I decided to make the drive and give it a shot anyway the next day, I didn't want Marissa to think I didn't want to be there! I was feeling okay, maybe not 100% but hey I never feel that great. It wasn't until we were there that I took my temp and yes I was sick! I had a temp and body aches, it was crazy. I kept up on taking ibuprofin and it really helped. I'm so glad I made it through, cause we all ended up having a wonderful time.

Here are some photo's!

Pool time outdoors! So glad we had some nicer weather to get outside one of the days!

Karla and Cory got a room at a nice hotel! We got to swim in there! Indoor water slide and both boys got up the courage to try it! I was surprised! Gideon got right on there and Gabe took a little longer but inevitably got up there too!

Look how beautiful Marissa is! She is getting so grown up! This was her 14th birthday!

These photo's are a little out of order, trying to play with the new way to place these pic's! But here's Gabe, he grabbed a courtesy life vest! Cute!

One more outdoor pool shot!

Here is Rachel's cute little new kitty!
I can't remember it's name, they had changed it a few times. ;0) But it was so cute, didn't like to be held much but we still tried!

Gabe and Trevor! Gabe just loves and looks up to Trevor!

Trevor was so nice to give Gabe his old towel, it no longer held as much of a thrill as it currently does for little Gabe. How sweet that Trevy is!

Well I tried to get the girls together, Krissy was having a rough weekend with her boyfriend and was on the phone a lot! But I was able to get this shot!

I hope Marissa had as much fun as we always do when we go to visit! It's like a mini family vacation each August for us!

Thanks for the memories Zaleski Family!

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  1. We all had a wonderful time and I'm glad your family came and conquered the drive and your sickness. You're such a trooper. These kids were a handful but we had a great time. Thanks to the Karla for the fun poolside time. And that Hefco pool is fun too. Our kitty's name is Abbygail and my kids think they can just rename her when they want to but that isn't my rule. What are you gonna do... Thanks for posting these pictures and the nice compliments of Marissa and Trevor. Fun was had by all, especially me because I got to see you!