Monday, August 23, 2010

An Amazing Day

Today was mostly me running around town, dropping Krissy off for her orientation and then going to the bank, grocery store, picking up Krissy's boyfriend and bringing him home. Oh the money I could make if I charged per mile. ;0) And I hate driving!

It was also a very emotional day. What is it with us women and our hormones! I swear I feel like a mad woman, so in between crying and driving, I didn't do anything fun. ;0( I felt terrible for the boys, they did the best they could with me. But they were bored! So after eating some Aldi chicken nuggets for dinner, which by the way they are cheap but so very tasty! I decided it was still hot and humid enough to go and try swimming! My friend Holly told me that Big Marine was supposed to be a nice beach to try this year! So I thought, what the heck, I'll see.........
It took us 36 minutes to get there!

We drove past this amazing park!

So we knew we had to come back to play there, this got us very excited to see the beach area! Not to mention, this county park is surrounded by very beautiful nature and scenary!
Time for the beach!

It was very cool that it wasn't too deep! You could walk all the way to the buoy's and the boys could still touch! So that was awesome! Gabe had no fear, just jumped right in! Gideon took one look at the water and saw this.......

Ugh.... no way is he jumping in! Eventually everyone got in and found some good spots.

The sand was very soft and that was very cool! A young couple in love were out on the beach and walking, they feed the fish and had Gideon help them. Funny, I thought he'd go running!
We even talked Krissy and Christian into coming with us! So that was fun. It was so nice out after the sun started to set. It was cool by the water, we were one of the only ones there. It was quiet and it was beautiful. I had to take a moment and thank God for giving us this time together.

So after we got cold....... we headed to the amazing park!

This park is a blast! We may not go back for swimming much if at all, but this park, definately!

I am so blessed to have my kids and the life we have. There are so many things wrong with the world right now and things are tough for us, but I just felt really happy tonight. I pray for more moments like these. As it got dark we had to finally say farewell!

Everyone felt like they needed a little something......


Oh yea baby, we did! ;0) But I was good, I tried a mini blizzard and it was very good! Just enough ice cream but not too much!

I love summer and days like these!

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