Friday, February 24, 2012

I ♥ Volleyball

I don't know what it is..... I just love it! Back in my high school days, I played. I only signed up initially cause my best friend at the time, Kethkeo, wanted to play. So we both went pre-freshman year to the clinics. First day, Kethkeo decided it was too much for her. She dropped it. I found it interesting. I kept going. I played freshman, J.V. and Varsity volleyball and club in the winter after season. I was benched my first game in my freshman year and after that game, I asked my coach how I could get off the bench. Response, work your butt off in practice and show me you want it. And I did.

From that point on, starting line up every game, every year. I played blocker, middle and outside hitter. I did great on digging. Back in high school I was anxiety ridden and had a great time during practice but games I'd just spazz. I was still good but spent too much time anticipating the game. After school, I never played again. With the exception of one year with my apartment league, I played a few games to help finish their season.

Lately I talked my new bestie into coming out for open gym on thursday nights to play volleyball. We were going to wait until we were in better shape, however knowing me that would never happen. So I figured this will be the way to get me in shape. Two hours straight of volleyball and sweating my butt off! Awesome exercise and I love it! Sign up at the door and teams are formed there as well. I think my body remembers as I was sore but not as sore as I expected. I've been doing it for about a month now. And we are having a blast. Sometimes we get men that are just big babies about having women on their side. There are maybe four of us women. And while we're all capable and do well, it seems like we can never do well enough for them. Kind of brings you back to the elementary days when boys just wanted to win and stepped in front of you to get the ball. So Stupid!

I figured out last night how to deal with them. ;0) It seems when you make a mistake and they want to tell you what to do next time, you look at them and smile and nod. And if you even sort of make an attempt to do what they say, you earn big time respect points. Crazy......

If you tell them to shove off or you start acting like them, they don't see it as showing them the way they act, they see you as a bixxx. Or unsportsman like.

So that's what I'm going to do from now on. And if that stops working, I'll just stand there in the middle of the court and act duh and mess up left and right and say oops sorry.


  1. Oh Dominique I meant to call and leave you a vm regarding this topic so I'm glad you decided to write about it. I think you're doing a great thing by getting in shape and playing some organized v-ball! Isn't it fun?!!

    You're right those silly boys will never learn the way to play fair, but you keep up with the respect angle and I think it'll go well. I agree with what you said about if it doesn't work then screw up the game and see what they have to say then.

  2. Glad you are enjoying your volleyball! Ahh guys can be ridiculous eh :P