Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A God Wink

Cute little story:

One night we were going to pick up some bread and milk from our local grocery store. At this store they sell cars and trucks for more than I would normally spend on a toy. $5.99 for a small car or truck. My son Gideon really likes these cars as they have doors that actually open, probably the only cool thing about this car. I tried to tell him that those cars could be found most likely at Walmart for way less. And I told him I didn't want to spend that much as I would have to buy one for him and one for Gabe. Plus play with it one day and toss it out the next which is what usually happens, so a waste anyway in my mom's brain.

But I personally can't tell my kids, "NO". So instead I say let me see what they look like and then I will let you know if it's something we can purchase less expensively at Walmart. In his mind I am sure he's thinking he'll get the car just at Walmart. I know, I know what your thinking. To each his own.

Anyway, so we go and pick up the bread and milk and while we are waiting for dad to get some water we stop to look at these cars. Standing in front of these cars is a little ole' lady. She is very nice and chit chatty and we are standing politely behind her waiting. She tells Gideon she thinks these cars are cool and she's trying to pick out a good one. She asks his opinion on which is good. So they get into a conversation about these cars. The nice lady turns to me and asks, "would it be alright if I bought your boys each a car"? I was like, oh no you don't have to do that, we were just coming to take a look at them. She then says, "oh please won't you let me do that, it will be my good act of the day."

So I hesitate and wonder, what to say. If they're too spendy for me, then they are for sure too spendy for her without any kids with her! As I am thinking my husband comes down the aisle. He asks me what's up? I then tell him and she turns to him to see if it's alright? He too looks at me and I shrug and then he looks at her. He says well that is very nice but you don't have to do that now. And she tells him how she would like to and it would be a blessing for her to buy them for the boys. You can imagine what little Gideon is thinking.........

So my husband says okay. And then she and the boys go to picking out the best ones and she goes to purchase them. We go behind her and start our check out process. She comes over and hands us the receipt and we tell her again how very sweet she is and that the boys are very excited about this gesture.

I turn to Gideon and Gabe and I tell them, that was so nice! They tell the lady thank you and she gives them each a hug and leaves the store. Then I tell Gideon that God must have heard him talking about these cars and decided to bless him.

It would be one thing if we were talking about his desire for the car in front of the lady but we didn't our conversation was at home. She had no idea and all she knew was there were too little boys waiting quietly to just look at the cars.

So how cool is that!? Gideon was really wow'ed thinking that the Lord did all this for him. And Gabe of course wasn't complaining to get a free toy! How nice. I told them both that sometimes God has angels do his work and she must be one of them.

In this day and age, this is really a very sweet thing to be a part of and I hope that one day I can be that little ole' lady doing the same thing for another person.

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  1. What a beautiful miracle story! Your boys are so precious that I wouldn't pass them up either if I were that ole lady :-)