Friday, May 13, 2011

Deep Breath

I am at the Washington County Law library. And I'm blogging. ;0) I feel weird all these people in here doing research for their cases and here I am blogging. My husband said I could though! He has court in ten minutes. He wants me to be here in case he is done right away and then I could still be here to bring him home.

I hope, I can bring him home right away. I've been dreading this day all month, all week. I called in sick cause I'm so sick to my stomach. I've been in the bathroom. It's not pretty, I'll spare you the details.

We had a wonderful conversation this morning after the kids went to school and then I watched Ellen and the View. We talked about submitting to the authorities according to the bible. And it was a good conversation. I think I got my husband to understand how much more helpful he would be to the Lord if he were out of this trap of worrying about the world. I told him I would be happy to find us as a family a place to serve and share God's love with people. That would be doing so much more for the kingdom than what we are doing now. I think he understood what I was saying. So I'm thankful the Lord gave me this day.

I think he wants me in the same building as him. Maybe he feels it's supportive on the one hand. We talked about me being in the courtroom but I think we both realize that would be less supportive. So for both of our nerves I am down here. I gotta leave to pick up the kids anyway soon. So not sure this will matter. Oddly it helps me feel supportive to him. I know that's so funny. And blogging is totally helping keep me calm.

I also ordered a straight talk phone. ;0) Got a good deal. Phone free. I figured I'm spending the same amount to get some minutes with unlimited texting but now this way I might be able to get more talk time and actually talk more often to people! I'm so excited. I didn't think it mattered if I spoke on the phone but once it's gone, dude you miss it.

Well I guess I'll check facebook again. See what's new. Put a prayer request on there yesterday and felt so much support from all my facebook friends. It was nice.

Part of me is curious to go over to the court and see what's going on. I wonder if I should.....

I'll let you know.

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