Sunday, September 4, 2011

Birthdays and Vacations

This weekend we went to Marshfield, Wisconsin!

It was my niece's 15th birthday!

Marissa, it is unbelieveable that 15 years have past and you have grown into such a beautiful, friendly and christian young lady!

We also have not been anywhere this summer aside from visiting family in Alexandria so this was like a vacation for our family as well! We reserved a room at the lovely Baymont Hotel in Marshfield. It was a very reasonably priced room and really beautiful on the inside. The kids loved being away from home and bouncing on the beds and the pool!

I didn't get any pool side pics or room shots! I don't know what I was thinking!

On the road trip we stopped in Osseo, WI. There was a diner there called Moe's diner and this statue was in the parking lot!

The one picture I took at our hotel was the shot out the back window...... It made me laugh that it was a field of some kind.
When we finally got settled and the boys went for a swim, my sister and my mom picked me up to go and see my sister's husband. He is Dj Z around town and does some side jobs for weddings, events and local bars. We went to Tj's Afterhours in Marshfield to see him in action.

My sister's husband's Aunt Donna was already there and we sat with her and had a few good laughs. It's even funnier as my sister, my mom and myself don't drink so we all had our favorite pop. The older kids came by for a little of it as they were only a few blocks away. So this will probably be the first and the last time that I will be at a bar with my mom and my daughter!

The party was saturday. It was a little rainy, little humid not too hot. We had the party in the garage, brought me back to the days of my younger adult days with the garage parties!

To my left I asked Kris for a hug!

To my right we had the grandkids
line up with Gramma and Grampa! Those kids so funny......

There we got the shot!

Just my kids with Grandparents My wonderful mom and dad!

Delicious Cake Rach! My best sister friend

Oh those boys and their toys!

Just us girls, so pretty! Like mother like daughters.

The next day after the party, we had such a cool and beautiful day! So wonderful. We woke up and went to get coffee at something called the coffee cabin. Marissa suggested it as one of the best as they use gheridelli (sp?) chocolate in their mocha's. So we tried it and she was right, it was delicious!

After we ate lunch we were on our way home. Oh the time never seems long enough when I'm with my sister and her kids.
On our way back we decided to take a picture with the A&W Bear, does he have a name?
While I took one pic of my hubby and the bear, he took several that show our progression and it makes me laugh. Enjoy.....

We were all tired by the time we got home. It was a very good weekend and we had a fun family vacation! We don't usually get to take trips and stay in hotels, so this was special for us. And we really enjoyed it.

The boys got to do a little fireworks that night we got home. And sparklers!

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  1. What a fun trip and look how talented you are to get all those pictures put on one web posting. It would drive me nuts! Can't wait to see you all in November.