Saturday, September 17, 2011

this weekend was such a blast! we got to go to dairy queen for a dessrt, love me some moo latte! and then we went for our yearly run to teddy bear park! we try to go there at least once or twice a season and usually not on weekends as thats when its busiest and people from all over come out.

here are the boys on the little bear

boys on the big bear

mama and gideon
we got to go to the mongolian bbq for a family dinner. it was very good! i love grabbing all these fresh ingredients and watching them bbq it up for me, yum. this time gabe even tried that and loved it.

gideon loved being there but didnt like the food much

gabe loved it all and then some

krissy didnt have to work this weekend and in between hanging out with friends and her busy social life we watched an old movie with amanda bynes called she's the man.

it was also bayport derby days this weekend! so we were able to and watch the fireworks. they gave an amazing show! and we got to listen and watch live music and play in the dark at the park. kids loved it!

the boys saw bikes for sale. they were asking for 20.00 a bike. the boys had a garage sale this past week for one of their lessons and both earned some money. dad let them take part of it for the bike! they were very excited!

i live for weekends like this! it was so much fun and my anxiety isn't holding me back as much! i will have great memories.....


  1. Oh wow - that sounds like such a great time! Always nice to spend time with those who you love :) Oh and the park looks soooo cute!!

  2. What a bunch of fun you all look like you're having! I miss you all and am excited that you are taking every moment and enjoying life as it happens.