Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gingerbread Time

My bestie came over today and brought gingerbread houses to build! It was so much fun. The kids really enjoyed the time and tried to sneak little bites here and there!

They all of a sudden turned it into a competition. Kids! ;0)

I took a few shots but was trying to be helpful too. In the end Jared with his gingerbread train was the best looking!

Gideon and Michelle were first runner up and Gabe and Cheyenne were second runner up!

Jared building his train gingerbread house

Gideon and Michelle did pretty good on their own!

Gabe and Cheyenne really tried and Mara did awesome helping! Gabe wanted to do the bunny ears, starts young

There must be some trick??? We can't keep this house together!

Hurry decorate before it falls!

Thank you Mara for the fun! You are so sweet! A sweet memory!

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  1. What a mess, but it looked like you all had fun trying to make those houses stand up. I tried that one time and it was a little house and the project still took too long and wasn't easy to make it look pretty. My hats off to all baking and decorators out there and your family of course for doing a good job.