Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby

Saturday, December 10, 2011 was my husband's birthday. This year seemed very sweet. We cleaned up the house from all of it's disrepair it's currently in and had a little get together for family.

We made homemade spaghetti. I made the meatballs and since we were having guests, I made them big and delicious! Dj made his famous homemade sauce, which is always very tasty! He also made his original garlic toast which really is something to behold!

I made Dj a homemade carrot cake. He likes them so I thought what better one to make. With cream cheese frosting, also homemade!

So we gathered for a good day and a good memory. Christmas tree made the ambiance. Dj gave a little speech for us before we ate, he won't let me post what he said but it was very beautiful and touching. About how he is blessed with all of us that love him. Very nice.

Birthday boy

Carrot cake that I made just for Dj's birthday!

Gabriel Indiana Jones and Gideon from Mary Poppins

Grampa being funny with Gabe's new hat

Chocolate covered bacon!

Gramma Pam!

Nice pic of Grampa and Gabe

Nice pic of me and my pop

My mom and me

Happy 45th birthday love!

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