Friday, December 23, 2011

I Am Thankful

I am thankful for....................

1. My God and Savior who shows me abounding grace in all times and love in unexpected times.
2. My wonderful husband, through all of the up hills, I prayed for a Godly man and God gave me the best gift and what I totally needed.
3. Krissy, my first baby and has my heart. Your love and compassion and the way you stand up for those you love is admirable.
4. Gideon, my first son, from Dominique. I will never forget the tears of love that your daddy and I shared when you came into our world. You are precious.
5. Gabriel, my last baby and most sensitive child. Your love for the people in your world is stronger than most I've seen in adults and strong men.
6. Mom, my best friend and confidante. I am in awe of our relationship and I love you more than you can imagine.
7. Pop, growing up and maturing and realizing how much you love me in your way has been priceless.
8. Karla, you have the words to say when I need them the most. You are so wise and I don't think you even know how much we appreciate you.
9. Rachel, my baby sister. I have always wanted to shelter and protect you, I can't explain that bond we have but I am thankful through the miles how our lives take on so much similiarity.
10. Mara, my bestie...... 22 years is the longest relationship I have had! I love how time can pass and you and I will always be you and me.
11. Friends. They come and go with the different seasons of life but none are forgotten and all have meant something special in my heart.
12. In-laws. I have the best brother in law and sister in law that a girl could ask for, so loving and open and so much fun to be around!
13. My home. Sometimes locations change but God always provides me a place to stay that is above my expectations.
14. My job. I love who I work with and I love my actual job, it can be stressful but it's still a wonderful place to be.
15. My newfound interest in reading. You have saved my life in a way that I needed to have an escape to the stress of this world.
16. Food, I love food and the joy of eating and making food. God again has always supplied me with more than enough and I am thankful.
17. Car. I can go anywhere and not have to depend on someone else or the bus. So nice.
18. Me. I went through many years of not liking who I was and the choices I had made but in this stage, I am loving myself regardless of what I think I should be. I am a beautiful creation of my maker and he is not done yet.

May your reflections be sweet........


  1. What a beautiful entry. I love that you love me and no matter what I love you too. I like what you wrote about your love of food. That has been a stress relief in my life for sure. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. It's always great to hear about things that you are thankful for! I'm glad you are so positive! I hope you had a wonderful holiday! :)

  3. Thank you! As I get older I realize more and more how precious each moment is and I've never understood that until this day. So I decided to blog it!