Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This Day and Age

Maybe it's just me or my age...... I am tired of people judging. Maybe I am too liberal, is that the word? I'm a christian, I believe in Jesus. Lately I am faced with people all around being so judgmental. Now do I judge, heck ya I guess I do. Don't we all. Yes... however I also realize there are two sides to every photo. I try not to go around and gossip and yes I have my days where all I want to do is call up my bestie to tattle on someone. So maybe I'm no better?

Sitting here and listening to others talk about this person and that person..... I just sat back and looked at each of them and thought to myself, what about the road you chose? I seem to recall you did something very similiar. And maybe it was the company I was keeping but I felt compelled to speak up.... hey what are you talking about? This person your speaking of is supportive of you! They just told me how they care about you! It just drove me crazy!

Didn't Jesus tell us to love others? Isn't that the most important commandment? Is it up to me to look at all the things my friend is doing wrong and do nothing but condemn. Can't we just work on our plank in our eyes and let God take care of the judging. Is it my job to love my neighbor or judge him? Would judging him bring him closer to God? Wouldn't a relationship where we can talk openly and honestly be more helpful? Especially this time of the year..... if we can't cast the first stone due to our own sins, then we should be ashamed to point a finger at anyone else and say anything!

I don't know I just had to say something. Get off your high ground and look in the mirror.

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