Friday, March 23, 2012

Mom's 60th Birthday

My mom celebrated her 60th birthday this last weekend. St. Patty's day we went to Houlihan's to have dinner! It was followed by delicious cake from Breadart in Bayport! All three of the girls, my sisters, pitched in and purchased her a Grandmother's ring. Which she had mentioned wanting in the past and was surprised when she opened her gift.


Here are some photo's
Rachel's beautiful family

My DadOwen

Group Shot! Tried to be clever....

My mom and my sisters

Karla's Beautiful Family

My lovey boys
Our family growing up!
Cake so good!
Group shot closer!


  1. You should still have posted your family's picture. These pictures do look lovely, thanks for posting them.

  2. Oh Rach we didn't even get one shot of our family except in the full family group shot! I got an 8x10 though of that!