Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wen enough is enough

Ha ha ha that's my husband's line for the title. I love it! 

So yes I purchased some Wen to try for thirty days. This is my unofficial review of that product.

I love the packaging, the bottle looks cool, the comb looks cool. They sent me a thirty day supply of the shampoo/conditioner you use for daily cleaning. A comb, a conditioner treatment and some hair gel. I love the smell, I choose the mint almond one. Smells so nice. 

My hair is long. It's frizzy. I have long been looking for something to help tame the frizz especially in humidity. So I thought heck, I know friends that really love this product for the frizz control. So I'm going to try it. 

The daily shampoo/conditioning thing that supposedly cleans your hair in one bottle. Smells good and lathers on your head nicely. Feels good. And then rinses out nicely. It seemed to take longer to dry, I like to let it air dry. And that could be cause regular shampoo dries your hair out. And then I used it only a few days, my hair didn't feel clean. It felt greasy, didn't look bad though. It definately didn't do what the model hair did in the commercial. And I couldn't get another day out of it as unfortunately I also suffer from dandruff and my dandruff was out of control! I had to get back to my head and shoulders.

So I guess Wen isn't for every hair type or at least not that I have found. I guess on to another product to try to control my frizz.

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