Thursday, July 14, 2011


I am really frustrated. When considering to move back to our house or continue to rent, we decided to save money we would move back to the house. And that way we could save while we waiting for our court date. HOWEVER......

Now that we're in the process of moving. The landlord is being an ass and giving us a hard time being done. We gave a month notice that when the lease was done we would be done. He just let us know that we signed a lease stating we'd give a two month notice when we decided to leave and he could hold us to two more months of rent. Oh and cause we didn't turn in the official letter giving notice, even though we called, until after the holiday on the 5th of July that is why he could hold us to August and September rent. He agreed to show our apt to a few interested renters to see if we could get out of the next two months. What the heck??? Our lease is done and there is no official month to month lease but he can hold us to two more months rent? Really? Well I need to check our state's renters rights on that one. Crazy! I figured the high damage deposit we paid in the beginning can just be his then if he wants to do it that way. I have no intention of paying two more months. Forget that.

Then my tooth starts to really ache and I'm on ibuprofin for that round the clock. So I can no longer ignore that. Find out I need the root canal, see previous blog. So I fix that and I still need to pay the 20% on what my insurance doesn't cover. And now my insurance is at it's max so for the crown, I need to pay out of pocket for that. Nice, payment plan for $1400.

Something seems to be going wrong with our medical and food benefits too. I'm not sure what, I called my case worker to see what was happening. So far no call back, wonder if she will call at all? There are times when she has been known not to call me back. So waiting to see if anything arrives in the mail indicating what is wrong. We never got renewal paperwork so it can't be that. I didn't think the government shut down affected these benefits so I don't know. And not knowing is frustrating. So we may have a few extra bucks this month for moving to the house but that all goes out the window on groceries until we figure out the benefits.

So thinking of all these things that have arisen. And thinking of getting the kids ready for back to school next month with supplies and hopefully a few clothes. Is making me sick. I am trying not to worry about it all at once. Praying that one by one we'll be fine and make it. Sad that some of the things we wanted to try this summer like a waterpark, camping, crystal cave etc. etc. will most likely be put on hold again. Yet again...... cause we need to hold on to all the money we can.

My hubby applied for a railroad job that his friend told him about. I guess they are hiring. I'll be the driver for him for a while on that. More stress there. But hey at least it would be a job. Now just to get him hired for it or for something!

Just when I thought my life would be less stressful. We would have a little more money to save and maybe do a fun thing here and there. Why???!!! Why is it that my life is always so full of these ups and downs. Does this happen with everyone and no one ever shares? Or am I really just destined to be punished for something the rest of my existence. I know that sounds really dramatic but when you go from one bad thing to another, or so it seems, it's just crazy!

There has to be a reason. I have tried to look for it and understand it. I just can't seem to find an answer to it. So I just gotta keep doing one day at a time. When I look back on my whole life though, I see it is one struggle or challenge to another. Having my hubby in my life makes it that much more dramatic, two peoples lives together makes for one heck of a run.

And trying to just make changes to better my life and my family's lives, it just seems like I never get very far. I keep looking for a better job or another job. I keep trying to find programs or assistance. I keep trying. When you can't make your hubby or partner do something that you think is in the best interest, it's a difficult battle.

Well no need for comments, I am just venting and needing to blog. Thanks for listening!

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