Thursday, July 21, 2011

Two Days Down

Well I am done with two days of taking meds. I'm only on a half dose to start with the first three days. Things have gone pretty good. I was feeling a little icky yesterday but nothing terrible. And even was able to go out after work with the family on some errands and felt really good.

This morning started well. I feel okay and got on my way. Now at work, I am not feeling soooooo good. I want to throw up. contemplating about doing it is making it worse. Being at work makes it worse cause you know you can't just go home and lay down. Should I just throw up? Will that make things better or worse? I'm waiting to see what my sister says. She has gone through all of this before and would have a better idea. I'm such a baby. I'm trying to keep busy and not think about any side effects but all I can do it focus on my body and why I feel this way or that. Why can't I just relax into it and try to seem to enjoy it. Ugh. Making me crazy!

Wonder what it will be like tomorrow night when I go to the full dose. Wish me luck!

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