Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekend Frolicking

This weekend was fabulous! I guess so far every weekend has been pretty great for me this summer. It is soooooooo nice to have monday and tuesday off during summer. I get this incredible four day weekend. It is hard to go back to work on wednesdays but hey, I love this time. And I love no schedules or routines.

The kids have been staying up way too late. Usually midnight every night. Every night I tell myself we will get them to bed earlier and then when the time rolls around, it's just not time to go to bed. And the only down fall is that I don't get much time to myself at night. But my kids this summer are doing so great at playing with friends and themselves that between going to the beach or whatever fun thing we have decided to do for the day, they are doing their own thing giving me a little more free time then I have experienced in years. So this age and summer has been really good.

We have sucked on keeping the kids reading and writing for school. I fear they will be behind. Especially as Gideon struggles with reading. Again I keep telling myself we will carve out time today and then something always changes. June is already over! I cannot believe how fast time flies when your having so much fun.

I just applied for a full time job. It's with a dental office for scheduling. I didn't really want to go back to customer service as I really love the administrative assistant. I just have had no luck applying and sending my resume out! Why doesn't any one want to hire me???? ;0) This clinic is actually my own dental office and I thought what the heck. It's full time, it's right by me. I could do this and save on gas! So wish me luck.

The fourth of July was fun! We had a BBQ. How many does that make this year??? Oh well, we love it. We had Dj's brother and family over, My best friend and her son over and my parents. It was a blast. The food was wonderful, thanks to my wonderful husband! It was nice enough to sit in the shade in the front and eat. We tried some homemade wine from Rick and Cheryl. It was very, very good! Now Dj is getting the bug to try his hand at that! Fun...... The kids played so hard with their cousin and Cody. It was a good time for them. They even got the chance to go to Alexandria with Uncle Rick and Auntie Cheryl for a few days. So that gives me and my hubby time alone!

It's been fun. We went to lunch at Subway and ran errands. Paid our last month of rent at the rental. Now to move back to the house. Funny how I was so homesick for the house and now I'm feeling sentimental about the apt and leaving. Plus I hate moving! Then Krissy and I enjoyed a nice walk in the beautiful weather. Dj and I made homemade alfredo sauce and then ate a nice chicken and tortelleni dinner. Rented a bunch of movies to watch. Went to the thrift store, found a pretty summer dress and a pair of capri's. Stayed up too late and then had to work today.

Not sure how else we can take advantage of our time without the little boys. I really miss them however. I worry about how much they eating and drinking and if they'll say what they need to their aunt and uncle. I hear about the fun day they have been having and it sounds great! So far so good.

We'll pick them up this weekend, only a few more days. I'll post pictures later! I have a couple.

Wish me luck for tomorrow, I see the Endodontist for my consultation. Not too nervous as it's just the consultation. Treat myself to an iced mocha afterwards since it's right by his office.


  1. Good luck on the job! I hope you get it! I'm sure you'd do wonderfully at it :)

    Sounds like you've been enjoying yourself as well. To have Mondays and Tuesdays off would be really awesome! A great weekend :D

  2. I hope you take mental pictures of the fun you're having for when the schedule of school
    comes back around and how tiring that can be.