Sunday, July 10, 2011

Post Endo

I survived!

I really tried to arrive to my appointment with a positive attitude. I brought my hubby along to help me keep my mind in a good place. He was wonderfully encouraging for me, so glad that he was there.

I listened to music, I asked for the gas and I was fine. I hate sitting in the chair for so long but to be fair the whole process was pretty quick. Any time I felt something he was good to give me a shot of pain relief. I was surprised cause I was sooooo numb but every once in a while I would feel something and even before I moaned he knew and asked if I felt something and gave me a shot.

I think my last three fillings that I had were a lot harder than this, this was fine. So to all of you that have to have a root canal! It's totally fine.

This coming from the most nervous and anxious person alive. Based on my consultation they kept offering me a prescription for something like valium. I turned it down cause it makes me feel so weird and I would have been a basket case for sure. So see, you can do it too!

I have some post op ache which I expect to clear soon. But it's nice to drink cold or hot liquids and not have that awful sensitivity.

He did say that I had a lot of bleeding once they were in there, indicating inflammation. So good thing I got in. Bad news, the tooth in front of this one had some sensitivity issues in my consultation and if after all this heals I still have some pain etc. I may have to do another one on that tooth. Ugh. Praying not until next year at earliest. I still need to get a crown on top of this one, and I'm at my max for the year with insurance. So I gotta pay for that one! So here's hoping I won't have to do anything until next year!

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  1. I'm so glad that's done and over with. Did he say if the bleeding and inflamation was due to the lack of flossing? That's what my dentist would say, and he'd be right. I fail horribly in the flossing dept. which is partly why I don't want to go in either. I'm worried they'll give me lectures about it.
    Either way I'm glad your appt. went so well.