Saturday, October 8, 2011


its saturday and it is beautiful outside. i am in my jammies and drinking my coffee with my hair a mess and make up slightly smeared, cause yes i dont always if ever remove it at night, outside in my lawn chair. and now that i've said it, i am realizing it may seem a little out of the norm and maybe even stereo typing me but i dont care!

i am enjoying this moment of peace and the breeze and the sun. i am reflecting on all the good things the lord has given me and done for me. lately i have prayer requets from more than a few friends about the health challenges of their children. it saddens me to think of what they are going through. it really hits close to home that there are so many and god has blessed us with our gifts of children. thank you god. i would rather this rough road that is my life currently than wondering when will be my childs last day.

let me never complain without remembering that and really all that god has done for me. amen

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