Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Super Hero

We got to watch the movie, "Green Lantern," last night at Uncle Rick and Auntie Cheryl's house. It was a good movie, for me, I was so tired that I had to go to bed in the middle of it. But before I went to bed, I got to catch a moment of precious innocence.

My youngest son Gabriel, 6 year old. Is watching this movie and at times it's scaring him so he's hiding his eyes but he is dying to see the Green Lantern super hero. Finally it happens, the green lantern flies through the air and we all think to ourselves it would be cool if you could fly.

My son believes we can fly. He believes that he can grow up to be the Green Lantern. He can't wait and is excited for it to transform him. He doesn't doubt any thing, even if someone tells him differently. He will be a super hero some day.

My husband and I exchange a smile with each other. We know the impossibility of it. But we don't say anything. In fact Dj says, we'll have to start saving for our super hero outfit. ;0)

I hope my boys feel this way with the Lord. I hope they believe me without doubt. This is the way it should be even for us with adults. But we know that it is possible.

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