Sunday, October 16, 2011


I used to go to the library as a child for a place to go....I didnt have a love of reading then, in factI really disliked reading. Idid try, I read sweet valley high books and when I was younger it was the Ramona books. As an adult, I have never really gotten into reading. For book clubs, I just wanted to be a part of the social interaction so i forced myself to read big books like the
Davinci code. I can read pretty fast, not sure how I do it, maybe it was to get things over with faster!

Something happened to me this last summer. I discovered that I could lose myself in a book. i could disappear from my very stressful life. the books had to be fiction of course. it helped me get through my side effects from medication and the constant ups and downs of my hubby. i have loved reading! so much in fact that i get bummed when the book comes to an end. i miss the characters and the story line. then i venture to the library and get another!

i started with romance, danielle steel and nora roberts. love it! recently i picked up jodi picoult. oh she is good! really good! i finished the pact. wonderful story. so today my family and i went to stillwater library. on a sunday! i couldnt even wait til monday!

i got another jodi picoult book, keeping faith. i cant wait to start. while there we saw the library has added some new kid stuff. funny when i was a sahm i was at the library every week for something to do with the kids. the past three years i've been working and it seems we never go. or very rarely. the kids had a blast doing a puppet show... a lot has changed in these three years.

we all had a the library....who would have guessed it!


  1. I think the library is the best place in the world. I would go every day if I could that's how much I love it. Glad to see you're reading and taking your mind off things. Keep it up, love the picture of the boys.

  2. The library is pretty cool. I'm not as into it anymore as I used to be. I actually worked at like five or six different libraries when I was younger. Hah.

    I personally like Sophie Kinsella's books - the Shopaholic books. They are hilarious! I used to enjoy reading Meg Cabot as well.