Monday, October 3, 2011

Funny Things Kids Say

My son Gabe asked me last night, "Does dad get mad when I kiss you?" I said no, he is my husband so it's different than how you kiss me as my son.

My son Gideon asked me, "Can you get married to your sister when your a teenager?" I tried not to laugh and let him know that you can only get married when your a teenager if your parents give permission and that you can never marry your sister as it isn't legal. Then I asked if he wanted to marry Krissy his older sister? And he let me know that she was too old and that wasn't why he was asking. He seemed to blush.

I sometimes wonder where my 6 and 7 year old sons get their questions from....... but it's precious to see the innocence of that young age and wondering about if they experience jealousy or just wonder about it and if they really admire their sister or think she's pretty.

I think once they hear the news on the birds and the bees they'll change their tunes. ;0)

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  1. Aw, too cute! Little siblings look up to older siblings for the most part. My sister always looked up to me (no matter how mean I was to her, lol :p) well at least when we were younger. It's funny because I hated her then but she loved me! I was jealous of her (hey she got all the attention!) while she just wanted to be like me. Weird how it works!