Thursday, October 20, 2011

chiggers, I think not

A week ago my hubby thought he got bite by chiggers. So having had them before he let it run its course. Lately his legs have been swelling and looking red and weepy. I finally told him he had to go to the doctor! I made the appointment. Soooo glad I did!

The doctor thought he got into some kind of plant causing the rash. Now its be come infected. The paperwork says staph infection... The doctor prescribed Prednisone to help swelling, cephalexin for antibotic and hydroxyzine to help him sleep.

So I am very happy to finally have gotten him treated! He seems more upbeat cause there is an to wash all the bedding etc and lysol like crazy everything!

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  1. Oh that poor DJ, it looks soo much worse than I pictured it in my head. Thanks for posting the pix, yea it's a good thing he got that checked out and treated as soon as he did!