Thursday, June 30, 2011


Yes I said it! That evil word that no one wants to hear, Endodontics. Ugh....

Remember my blog post about needing to go to the dentist almost a year ago? That my teeth didn't feel that good and I needed to get them checked out. Well this problem has been ongoing for that long.

I thought after they filled the cavities that I would feel better. My dentist didn't see any thing else to be concerned about. I had a fractured tooth but he was going to keep an eye on that.

After six more months I had another cleaning and nothing new to report. And my teeth were feeling okay. Not bad but not great either. I can't complain though cause I hate going to the dentist.

Well this last weekend my tooth near the back on the bottom left started aching. I waited a few days and still achey. I started taking Ibuprofin for it and yes I decided I better have my dentist look at it. Maybe the fractured tooth needed to have a crown.

I went in this morning. He doesn't want to just put a crown on because if I am in pain and taking meds for it then it could be a root issue. He's seen plenty of people get a crown and the problem only gets worse. So he wants me to see an Endodontist. I have an appt scheduled for next thursday.

Got my insurance information and made sure I could see this one and talked about my coverage. I'm all set. Part of me is a little scared.

But pain is a huge motivater! I am not feeling so good and trying not to take ibuprofin around the clock cause that's not good for me either. And trying to hang in there. I feel like a cave man, I just want to rip it out!

Wish me luck, I'll let you know what the Endodontist says.

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