Sunday, November 6, 2011

pumpkin patch

I love the pumpkin patch! We got to go to the patch this year on the 29th of October! We have never waited that long before but the weekends seem to be flying by! We didn't even get to the apple orchard this year! I wanted Krissy to come along but she was too busy in her social calendar to make an appearance this year. ;0)

The weather was lovely, sunny and not too cool. Dad, mom, Gideon and Gabriel went for a fun outting! Enjoy my pic's.

Farmer Gideon
Love the mohawk!
Never too old for the ride
Gabe sit down so I can take your pic!
Face painting!
Trying to take turns

At least one of my boys will pose

They loved to goats! We spent
so much time with them!
One does it both want to do

My favorite picture of the day
my boys enjoying the hayride

I love memories like these. I wish we had more days that were this much fun all together as a family. I can never get enough. Next time, I'll do better getting pics of mom and dad! You'll see the pumpkins in our Halloween post!

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