Saturday, November 26, 2011

I love shopping at Target! I usually go to Walmart for the best prices but love looking at Target. Yesterday after the black friday craziness I went in to look for Gideon's birthday present. He wanted a baby sock monkey and the only place that sells it is Target.

Krissy originally picked this ring out as something she wanted. I owed her a few bucks so I agreed to buy it for her. Then later she saw some Hello Kitty ear muffs and picked that instead of the ring. So I was supposed to put the ring back. After we got home, Kris was like oh you still bought me the ring?? I was like no?? Then she pulled it out and I was like oh shoot I meant to put that back! So I told her I'd just keep it!

So we both got something we liked! I love this ring! I like gaudy jewelry, I don't know why but this is right up my alley! Merry Christmas to me!

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