Sunday, November 6, 2011

Trevor's birthday.

The weekend of November 5th and 6th we went to my sister's house again for her son's birthday, Trevor! We had a blast! He turned 12 year old. It's hard to believe that 12 years have passed, especially cause in my mind I am still the same person. Funny your brain doesn't age.

Gabriel swimming at Gramma Pam's hotel pool!

Krissy in the hot tub
Gideon being stubborn about taking his pic
Marissa knows how to take a good pic with a smile and everything
Marissa and Gabe in his new hat from the Zaleski's
Kris and Marissa posing with Gabe
Group Shot!
Gideon with his sock monkey and his new hat from the Zaleski's
Krissy being cute
Mom and Pop, should've warned them I was taking the shot
The boys eagerly awaiting present time!

I didn't get very many good pic's this time. I missed the cake and pic's with my sister and family. Oh well. It was a very fun weekend. We made memories. And my heart was bonded even more with my sister, Rachel Anne Zaleski.

Uncle Jason showed the kids a good time watching the cowboys football game, again another good pic that I missed. He is a D.J. and he gave a sound and lights show for the kids while watching the game. He is such a good sport at times and my kids will never forget all the fun!

Trevor I hope you had a great birthday! Thank you for inviting us and all the fun we were able to have with you. I hope your 12th year is good to you.

Sock Monkey
Crazy pic of Gabe
Auntie Rachel
Gideon acting silly


  1. Look at all those fun pictures! We had a great time with you too. Jason enjoyed being the fun guy for the day too. I miss seeing you guys often and I hope your family had as fun of a time as ours.

  2. I didn't get any of you and/or me!