Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aftermath of Date Night

It was a very nice monday! My mom came out and we went to Breadart! A local bakery. I got ice cream, peanut butter chocolate. It is so good! And the kids each got to get a little goodie too. Had a nice visit with my bestie, aka "mom". Then the boys got packed up and went for some fun with Gramma. The teenager and her friend went out all afternoon with friends. Nice!

We started our date day by bringing my hubby to do a side job! He was helping someone with some electrical thing in their house. While he did that, I went in search of Skinny girl margarita mix. My friend told me it was good and I thought what the heck, I'll try that for date night. Generally I am not an alcohol person, I drink maybe one every six months. I prefer a pop to the beverage. But I thought I'd give it a try, since it came highly rated.

I wanted to try not to fight with my hubby and just make it a nice time between him and I. So I got all dressed up, even wore a dress. First I had to weigh in over at weight watchers for the week. ;0) Got the good news, lost another 1.8 pounds! Overall weight loss -8.4 pounds. Yahoo, and finally it is starting to show on some of my clothes.

Then we headed to Leeann Chin for me and Panera for him. We got our food to go and headed to the river by our house. There are picnic tables there. So we enjoyed dinner by the river. Had some good conversation. Took a stroll. And then we rented a few movies, not really worth mentioning, and headed home for our cocktails.

The skinny girl stuff was okay, I remembered why I don't like the margarita's as much. Tequila. Yuck! So I added some 7-up to it and then it was pretty good. Funny how 7-up makes so many of those alcoholic beverages taste good!

We enjoyed our time together. No kids. A little loving,but I cannot blog about that. Then we'd have to turn this blog into something completely different. ha ha ha but it would not be very steamy and my entries would not be as many. Oh ha ha I should stop.

Now I am blogging the day after. I am tired and trying to get motivated to picking up the kids. We need to do some grocery shopping and so I'll be busy today. Work tomorrow.

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  1. That sounded like a lovely evening! Look how cute you look in your dress. Alcohol wasn't made to taste good, but to feel the effects from it. Enjoy your day off today while I'm back to work for another 4 days starting today. But I get Sat. Sun. and Mon. off so that sounds promising.