Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Niece Marissa

This is my niece Marissa! She is an unbelievable young woman. I am very proud of her. She is committed to the Lord at such a young age of 15. Has been for some time. She is currently taking some of her summer vacation time to go on a mission trip. She lives in Marshfield, WI and her church is helping the people affected by the North Minneapolis tornadoes. She raised money to come on this trip to help. It is truly inspiring to see a young person serve in this capacity. And words are not enough to really share with her how I admire what she is doing. I pray she will always have this heart as she grows older. This evening they took time out from work to go to Minnehaha falls. We got the chance to meet up with them! It was so much fun!

My husband is funny he never likes to look directly at the camera???

My pride and joy, Krissy. Wanted me to do like a milk mustache pic. So we did. Funny. Had to get a little DQ at the end of our wonderful night.

Krissy captured this cute pic. Like father, like son.

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  1. How absolutely thoughtful of you to post about a great night with your niece. I love those pictures of your family too. You are so sweet to write those thoughtful words. I pray Marissa grows up to have a close loving relationship with the Lord. I hope all the kids grow to have a strong relationship with the Lord in their own ways.