Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Vacation

I am officially done with my job for the school year! I am officially on summer vacation! I will still work one of my school jobs on wednesdays, thursdays and fridays. Leaving saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday open! I'm very excited. I look forward to the kids being off of school and all of us off a routine!

This summer there is really no extra funds for any activities. I do feel bad that there won't be much of any structure for the kids. However, if I think back to my summer vacations, we never did anything either. We spent time at the parks and beaches and if stuff in the neighborhood came up, we'd go. So we survived, the kids will be fine. We live right by the river and can go everyday swimming. The kids love swimming, so we'll be fine.

Now if my tax refund check will come, then I will not be worried about anything! I was hoping to have that money by now so I could just pay the summer bills and be fine. Maybe even have a few extra bucks for us to do some kind of mini vacation, nothing extravagent. Maybe go camping or something! If my check doesn't come soon however, then I will be calling up a temp agency to see if I can do some kind of data entry part time. Anything for some moola for our bills. Luckily it wouldn't need to be a ton, so we'll see. Praying for a miracle, cause really summer vacation sounds like so much more fun!

Krissy will be working this summer. That should be interesting. She is really liking her job and the people she works with are so supportive. I am so glad, a group of people that are in the real world and showing her how much better the real world can be versus the mean old school world. It's been very good for her and her confidence, they keep telling her she is doing really well. Now she can earn her own money to go and do some fun summer stuff on her days off. Get some really nice school clothes and misc. stuff that I can be off the hook for now! Yahoo.

Life is going great lately. Dj has another challenging time coming up but I am not as stressed, I really am putting into practice that God really does work things out for the good of those that love him. I am holding to that, even if it doesn't go the way I think it should. I only have to do today right now, not worry about tomorrow. The St. John's wort is going good. I'm not up to the full dose yet. It's been a month and I'm almost there. It's been good for me so I don't freak out about any side effects. And I've dusted off my old anxiety cd's and have been listening to those again and the skills I should be using when those obsessive thoughts come intruding my brain.

So here's to summer vacation! After work today, I am off for a week and then my summer schedule starts.

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