Thursday, June 23, 2011

When You Don't Like Someone

I try to like everyone. Or at least be civil to every person that comes into my path. I don't like the energy it takes to dislike someone. Not to mention the stress it can cause for no reason. Better to forgive and move on, right?

Well I do have moments where others do not feel the same. For whatever their reasons are. And I try to be fine with that, although with my personality it is hard I don't like when people dislike me or are angry with me. But the time does come when others that do not like me as well arises.

Right this moment I am utterly irritated by someone that is not fond of me this week. She is driving me crazy. Bringing up stuff that has nothing to do with anything just as a source of tension. I wonder if she is having a bad day? I wonder if she is on her period? We usually have this civilness about us and get along fine. And it's someone I see almost everyday, so I don't have the option to not talk with this person. And we don't always have bad times together. Our relationship is definately a roller coaster.

So I had to blog about it as I am getting myself worked up. I hope this low in our coaster doesn't last long. Of course I am the one to smile and not retaliate. Just to get it over with quick. Wish it was someone I could just say adios to and remove from my life. I can't......

For anyone that would be reading this blog, it is not about you! ;0) You are all my dear friends. I would not have shared my blog with you otherwise. I know this for a fact that this person will never be reading my blog.

Advice??? Anyone???

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  1. I sooo know what you mean! I try to like everyone too ... and get along with everyone. But some people just make it oh so difficult! :P