Friday, June 10, 2011

School's Out For Summer

Last day of school today! The kids are very happy and excited. They can't wait just not to have to go to school. I am grateful for the fact that they don't have to be in bed any time so they can wake up in time. They can play with their friends until the sun sets if they want and we can watch movies until we get tired!

Since I am off too saturday through tuesday, it's so much more fun! I do notice when we're not on a routine or schedule that I find myself getting more nervous about going out and doing things. Almost like, staying home produces more desire to stay home. It's crazy. And then add heat to the mix and I'm no good, I cannot stand the heat. I don't mind if it's warm or hot without humidity, but any humidity and I just hate going outside.

So not entirely sure what we'll do for fun. Of course the beach. There are some happenings with the library that we'll check out. I need to make sure I get the kids reading and keeping up on some of the school stuff. They suggested summer school for Gideon because of his reading and getting behind, I learned from all my years with Krissy how useless summer school really is. They rush the kids through the summer school curiculumn and they don't really learn anything. Plus he is fine with math he just needs the help with reading and they don't customize it. ;0) So we opted not to do summer school, but now we really need to keep up helping him with books and reading at home. So I need to make sure there are some routines we do everyday. I think that will be good for us.

I saw a sign for a local church and vacation bible school, that will be something I need to check into. I always seem to miss it every year as they begin so soon and then when I go to look I see I've missed it. So it's nice that I saw a sign this year!

So here's to a fun summer! The 4th of July is right around the corner!

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