Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pizza! Don't ya just love it?!
We love it in my house, or maybe just I love it and I think my family feels the same? ;0) One time I posted a comment on my status at Facebook about it and I got so many comments! People eating pizza the same time as me, people that loved this kind or that. It surprised me, I bet pizza has to be everyone's favorite! I really should start a business with this.......

So we had pizza for dinner last night. I tell myself this will be the one time this weekend we'll be having junky dinner. Then I will cook and eat regular food. Even if we got a little bit of spending money from our taxes, I will save that for intended purpose and then I will cook!

Now what to make?

Plus who will eat what I cook, just me. Usually. I wish I could take a cooking class. So all this homemade cooking will help me lose this baby fat that I've been trying to lose for five years! Dang..... It's funny, if you've never had to watch your weight and then you have to lose weight, it's so hard! I think back to when I was skinny. How did I do it? Food was never a priority. How to get back to that? Let's see..... eating just something to get my stomach filled a little. Never baked goodies. Didn't know how to cook stuff so I did simple easy stuff. I never liked butter, creams or any of that delicious stuff. Or never knew I liked it. So I should try to get back to that! And crazy that I would miss my goodies, like I'm mourning saying goodbye to a friend!


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