Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tiny My Kitty

I love my Tiny boy. He's such a good cat. I didn't always like cats, matter of fact I really didn't like them. I really loved dogs. We had a little dog named Pepper growing up. I loved him so much, I'd spend so much time on the stairs going to the basement landing just rubbing his head and belly, I loved smelling his little head. It always smelled like chicken to me.
As an adult, I have had a few dogs come into my life. I have to say I am no longer fond of dogs. I think it's because to me they feel like a lot of work, almost like a child! I remember ones that needed to be potty trained and brought outside often. I remember having toddlers and babies and trying to walk a dog with them. Crazy, that is for the birds. Anyone with kids, hat's off to you if you own a dog as well!
When Krissy wanted a kitten from one of her friend's litter, I was very hesitant. Not wanting to have to get rid of yet another animal as it didn't work for our family. I hate being like that, but really with two little toddlers and my hubby gone all the time, I just couldn't do it. Especially as my family wanted bigger dogs! Ugh. So I finally gave in to the cat, our first one was a female cat. She was precious growing up and I fell in love with her. Over time we fought tooth and nail to keep her in the house but she just wanted to be outdoors. That turned her mean and rough. So we could no longer cuddle with her. From her we got Tiny, he was one of the kittens we kept. We decided to keep him as when he was little he had this fly larvae in his cheek. We spent the most money on him in vet bills. So because of that, we had to keep him!
Mama cat is no longer with us, had to be put down. So sad, I will never feel good about that. But Tiny has been so comforting. Having him has made the bad times seem more calm, just sitting with him and holding him. I can't explain it. He does funny stuff, like this picture. I love it! He doesn't love a lot of attention but he'll come cuddle, mostly by your butt or feet. Even Dj's feet! Phew!
So I am now a cat lover! And may I say, they are so easy to care for, not high maintainence at all!

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