Monday, August 23, 2010

High School Orientation

Today is high school orientation for Krissy! Phew! I can hardly believe this year is here. Crazy! She will be starting 10th grade and most kids this grade have started high school in 9th grade. This high school has such a huge student population that they start in 10th grade!

Is Krissy excited?

Well yes and no. I think she is looking forward to seeing some friends she missed this last year as they went on ahead of her. But I am sure she also has a little nervous energy too!

Gotta love the pics.

She's talking about driver's ed and wanting to drive. She wants to get a job! In just a few short months my first baby is old enough to do all that! And when I think back, kindergarten couldn't come fast enough and now graduating is coming too soon.

I love you Krissy Morgan Leigh! You are a remarkable young woman, with so much creativity and zest for life! I pray you keep your uniqueness and never let this world get you down!

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  1. That is so sweet! I can't believe she is already that old - time just flies right on by doesn't it??