Sunday, August 8, 2010

Saturday Craziness

Today was very busy. I hadn't intended oringinally for it to be that busy!
Gideon had a birthday party that he got to attend. It was an all boy party, so for Gideon that was a little nerve wrecking. His best friends are Olivia and Elly. ;0) But it turned out great! He had fun! He told me at first he just was shy and didn't play much but then he played with the birthday kid, Preston!

So because Gideon got to go to the party for three hours, Gabe wanted to do something special with me. Krissy wanted me to pick Christian up so they could hang. Since I didn't want them to be alone in the house, I decided they could come with me and Gabe. So off to the new dollar store in Stillwater! Love that they put one in again closer to us. So we found a few treasures and then headed to Target for Krissy. She has some friends party's coming up, phew in all that I have spent in birthday parties lately, not sure we need to go to them all! ;0) We got hungry and then boom my resolve for the weekend went out the window! Gabe wanted McDonald's, in a moment of hunger, I mean weakness, I caved.

Not all of this was mine! But it was delicious! And I will not buy more junk food this weekend! I just can't. ;0) And I got my aspartame fix! I'm not buying pop anymore but when I get something at a fast food place I still go for it. It's good!

Then off to Teddy Bear park. By this time of the day it was heating up but in the shade was a nice breeze so I agreed. It's crazy to try Teddy Bear Park on the weekend! Most of the people from other places come then and it's too busy. The deal was if I couldn't find a parking spot then we had to forget it. But God was smiling on little Gabe cause we found one! And though everyone of my friends has the Teddy Bear Park pictures, I've posted them below for those of you that don't live in the area.

Krissy and Christian were nice enough to play with Gabe. Without Gideon he's lost. At least at the park! ;0)

We finally picked up Gideon and went to the beach! Ahh when it's hot and the beach is just blocks away, it's so nice!

Yea still working on uploading video footage. ;0) Oh well. So I got my exercise in the river, lots of waves so that really worked me out good.

Then Dj did a BBQ for all of us. After a BBQ fire and losing some meat, I made a run for a little more so we could all enjoy something. That was fun, a little outdoor picnic dinner.

I played Taxi for Krissy. Dropped her and Christian off at the county fair. We've lived here for six years and never went to the fair. Maybe next year..... At least my daughter can say she went! And she had fun. Didn't bring a lot of money but got a lot out of it. Nice! And a good memory for her and her boyfriend to share.

So after all that, I am so pooped. Sunday is going to be hot and humid so I am making it my rest day. Do some laundry, drink some coffee and maybe go to the beach again for cooling off! This summer is killing me with the heat and humidity!

Now you can see why I'm so tired and why saturday was crazy!

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