Saturday, August 14, 2010

Date Day!

So Rick and Cheryl are moving to Alexandria. I'm sad to see my brother and sister in-law move. They are so much fun and everytime we get together as family, they are so wonderful. I have been blessed with them and how loving they are. Yesterday Dj went to pick up some furniture they are giving away and the boys went with him. They got to sleep over with them and hang with cousin Emily. One last hurrah before they move. Could make me cry. So because of that, Dj and I got a date day and night.

Last night we watched t.v. and ate Gabe's favorite, taco's. ;0) Sleep in and had coffee and just lounging around. Totally enjoying our time.

But today............... we are going to see Salt!

OH yes! It was this or the Expendables. Now I love movies but if I wanna see something good, then I gotta go on my own, with my friends or Krissy. So this seemed like a good one to compromise on. I'll let ya know how it goes.

But first, before we see the movie, we're going to lunch. We picked, (drum roll)..........................


Peace out time for my shower!

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  1. How exciting!!! I wanted to see this movie, but it hasn't come to our theater, and I'm not sure it will. I'm really interested in seeing The Other Guys. I think that movie will be FUNNY! Can't wait to hear all about your date. Take pic.'s and post them.