Monday, August 9, 2010

Heat and the Storm

So it was so hot and humid sunday that all we did was stay inside!

I just bought a waffle maker from Target! It was only $6 bucks! What a deal. So I cleaned the house and made waffles!

Cool huh?! And they tasted wonderful. The kids like them with chocolate chips on top and I like mine with a little chocolate chips and syrup. Too much like a dessert, probably why I love it!

So I did get a few load of laundry done but really I just didn't want to even leave the house. Feeling like a steam bath out there.

To cool off we went swimming. Krissy was at a birthday party. But we got Dj to come out and swim! Usually he just watches, but he came in the water. He gave the boys flips off his hands and they had a blast!

As we were swimming we heard the thunder roll. And then lightening flash. So we hauled butt outta there. Got home just in a knick of time! It was a fast down pour and didn't seem that bad. I stepped outside and this is what I saw.......

Tree branches down on both sides. Crazy! Nothing major though. So phew!

Exciting day!

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