Wednesday, August 17, 2011

13 Pounds

I am down 13 pounds and counting!

Seems to have taken soooooo long to get here. I started weight watchers in May and I guess that averages about a pound a week. Although it's not been like that each week, good thing it's an average. Would love for it to be more.

Considering I have had a hell of a summer and really hit rock bottom, emotionally. And given that it's summer and I usually love all the ice cream and fun treats with my kids, this is really not too bad. I also started summer really exercising with walking and since July when I had my breakdown, I have not started that back up.

So I'll take it! I don't care. I can see results, in my clothes and in my body. I don't think my friends and others that see me more often would notice though yet.

In the past the most I've lost with weight watchers is 15 pounds. So it feels good to be embarking on that number again!

Here's a tacky picture of me, so you can see! It's like the teeny boppers do with their pictures on their phones. But it gives you an idea!

Here's to another 13 sooner!

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  1. I'm so very proud of you my sista! You do look great, and I did notice in my mind but I didn't say anything sooner. For that I'm sorry. I'm glad you can notice and feel better!