Friday, August 5, 2011

Getting Lost in Fiction

Well I have been loving reading my book by Danielle Steele. Big Girl, is a good book. I like her writing style. I'm almost done with the book and I just started it this weekend. Pretty good for a gal that does not usually read. I have even by-passed movies and t.v. to read.

I like to be thinking about this book versus the boring life that I am currently living. Aside from my kids, my life is pretty boring. I can only make it so exciting right now with kids and finances the way that they are so this escape is nice. Plus hobbies have always been a challenge for me. What do I like to do? Nothing! Well that's not true but I don't journal, scrapbook, collect anything. I love movies and eating. Trying not to eat lately as I am down 11 plus pounds and doing good on that track. So I watch a ton of movies. That's not the best for me either. I've done a lot of swimming for the kids, love going to the river and beaches with them.

Thinking of hobbies that I would like to get more into as time and finances allow and kids get older. I would love to go back to pilates and get back into that membership. That was fun and good exercise. I would like to get back to walking more often. Once I get my nerves in check it would be fun to try and get involved in the community ed's volleyball once a week in the winter. I would like to get all the pic's of my family from all the various sources I've got them saved and actually put them books for them to look over. For now that's all I can think of..... my list will grow.

I think it's funny, I'm 36 and I don't really know myself. I've always been a mom! Since I was 20 all I've thought about is what should I do with Krissy. Now it's what should I do with Krissy, Gideon and Gabriel? Before I was 20, all I wanted to do was grow up and be an adult and have a family. As I get older and older, I get to know myself more and more. I love my kids and I am such a better person for them, I have done so much that I wouldn't have done otherwise. So I am very happy that I have them, I will be one of those parents when they grow up that is lost.

So maybe it's good that I find myself a little now, so it's not so hard when they leave. ;0) And I think I will go and check out another Danielle Steele this weekend for when this book is done!

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  1. Good thinking Dominique. It's nice to think for yourself and think to the future. It'll be her sooner than you know.