Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Scare of My Life

Saturday we went to my husband's brother's house in Alexandria. It's a good 2 1/2 hours away. We decided to take the trip for the night and return sunday so we could spend his birthday with him. We could have stayed longer but Krissy had to work. And while I didn't mind her finding a ride to work, I wasn't sure about having her stay home alone. She's 16 and she has 18 year old friends from work. So I decided to cut the trip shorter and have her come along. We would make it home in time for her to work sunday.

Lovely trip and lovely time. We got home sunday in enough time for her to take a shower and get ready and fed. Then I dropped her off. She was to work only 6 hours and her friend from work was going to bring her home.

At 10:30 that night as I'm setting down to watch a movie, I get a call from her friend Emily. Emily is supposed to be spending the night after Krissy gets done. She tells me I need to come to KFC right away. Okay, I say, thinking maybe her ride fell through. Then she says, Krissy passed out and had a seizure, the ambulance is on it's way. What!? My body runs cold. My heart starts to pound. Is this for real or what? She doesn't say anything else. So I tell her I'll be right there.

I run downstairs to tell my sleeping husband, what is going on. He tries to ask me questions but I just leave. I don't have time to answer him, I need to get to my daughter.

Please God protect Krissy, please don't let anything bad come from this....... I say this over and over in the car. Trying to keep myself as calm as possible and telling myself she needs me to be strong and show up. How I didn't get hysterical and break down, how I didn't allow myself to cry. I did call my mom and my sister and probably scared them something awful.

As soon as I get to the parking lot, the ambulance is there. I run over to it and pound on the doors and windows. They motion for me to come to the door on the other side. I go right in and I ask Krissy, what happened? She looks at me bewildered, "what do you mean?" I tell her she passed out, does she remember? Again Krissy says, "No I didn't pass out, I'm fine." I look confused at the paramedics. What happened? They tell me they are still trying to figure out what all happened. From what they found out, Krissy was doing dishes and she passed out. Her co-workers think she had a seizure.

I answer the questions of the paramedics. They ask if she has any history of drug abuse? I say no! They tell Krissy if she is on any drugs that they need to know, she won't be in trouble but they need to know everything she has taken. And they ask me to step out so she can talk to them and feel safe to be able to talk. So I step out. Drugs??? The nerve of them not to believe me with my daughter that she wouldn't take drugs! I guess that does happen in life but with my daughter really she tells me too many things about her life. And that should probably be bad that she doesn't fear me and getting in trouble. I have always had the philosophy that if I don't react to anything, whether it be good or bad, just take in information and listen and then wait. Then I can make sure I am not going to say anything I will regret and make a plan of action.

At this point I am feeling less scared cause she is up and talking. I still don't know what caused it and is there something seriously wrong??? I go inside her work and I feel like I'm about to explode. Surely they know something, maybe one of her 18 year old friends gave her something? I don't know why but I was ready to point fingers. I ask them what happened? I ask if they gave her anything, saw anyone give her anything or if they saw her take anything? I explain the paramedics think she took something. They all say no, she was fine and she only mentioned being tired, really tired. They explain to me that she was washing dishes, then she suddenly looked up at the ceiling, her friend Emily was with her and thought she was looking at a bug or something. Then she looked like she was following the bug around in a circle until she fell down on the floor. Her manager came around the corner at that point and saw her on the ground and stepped into action! He put a towel under her head and sat beside her so she wouldn't hurt herself, to him it looked like she was having a seizure. Then she opened her eyes and wondered why they were all there and she was on the floor? She couldn't tell them the year and her name so they figured they better still have the paramedics come. I thank them for helping her and I go back outside.

I go back out to the ambulance. The paramedic advises that we bring her to the hospital and check her out. I agree. I follow them to the hospital. Lakeview, the best hospital in the world by the way!

Once inside the hospital, while we are telling the nurse what happened. Her friend Emily came with me. Emily recalls the entire story, Krissy listening intently. Krissy starts to heart brokenly cry, it broke my heart. She truly does not remember what Emily is saying and she is scared. She is really starting to worry something major must be wrong with her.

I go and hug her and she clings to me and doesn't let go. She lets me hold on to her for a long time and letting her cry. A moment that she will forget in time but for me, I will hold on to this memory forever. My baby needing my comfort.

So say it simple, she was tested and checked over. The doctor did not find any reason for her to have fainted. He strongly felt she did not have a seizure. While we waited, Krissy and I were talking about a sleeping pill her cousin gave her and then she didn't get much sleep. The doctor felt exhaustion definately played a key in fainting. Luckily this scared her and she will not be taking anything from anyone for any reason again.

I praise God she is alive and she is well. I praise God for a good learning situation. I praise God for the co-workers she had with her that night. Her supervisor used to be a nurse and knew exactly what to do and didn't waste any time taking care of her. I am thankful that God held her during that time and continues to.......... It was by far the scariest moment of my existence that I hope to never repeat. And I am very thankful for her friend Emily, I could not have made it through that night without her. I was less nervous and scared. She kept me company and made Krissy laugh.


  1. Wow, what a scare!!! That would just be ... well ... scary!

    I know it would make you feel bad or something that the doctors didn't believe you when you said Krissy doesn't use drugs but you never really know. Doctors don't know *you* exactly so the have to check! I got on birth control pill when I was younger and even though my mom said "no she's not on medication" they'd ask her to leave and I'd be able to tell them, well actually I am. (I didn't want my mom knowing!) As well, I have tried a couple drugs (a while back!) and I wouldn't dare tell my mom! But our relationships are very different.

    I hope that she gets better and also that she gets better sleep!! :) And hope you never have to experience that again!

  2. Thank you! I tried to think of that too, they are just trying to treat her but the look that they didn't believe her based on the way she looks, she really has a unique style, made me think that way. Oh teenagers.... Just two more years and then she'll be on her own making her own decisions. Gulp.