Thursday, August 25, 2011

Work Enemy

Okay so that's a bit strong!

My current supervisor at work asked me to create a flyer for our school's choir program. So I did. The principal liked it but wanted to jazz up the words a little bit. So she asked me to ask my supervisor what her opinion would be for jazzing it up. Here is what I created:

Doesn't really matter what the words say....... Now my supervisor takes a look and this is what she does, keep in mind it's all the same wording (that's what she's supposed to be jazzing up):

Now I like her version of the flyer and it's definately jazzed up! Our principal liked it too and went with hers. Trying not to have hurt feelings all over the place!

I worked on mine yesterday when I could have been doing other things. I did exactly what was asked of me from both of them and then she ends up doing the whole thing anyway??? What!!!

So I have no one to vent to, so I am venting to you! I just think it's crazy.

Thanks for listening....


  1. I think they are both good! If you had done more colours in yours, I think it would have been better. Like I like how the blue stands out in hers. But I like yours too! :)

    Anyway, that is frustrating though! To spend all day working on something and then have someone else do it for you. Ughgh! :(

  2. I had something similar happen to me but my problem is that I wanted to "jazz" it up so much that it took me longer than the deadline and the finished product was done by my coworker and was horrible. But because she was able to get it done on time her flyer was the one they went with. How silly, such petty things. I like yours just fine, especially with the graphic of the little kids singing. How fitting. However I like what your boss did when she made it pop and stand out. Either way, she should've done it herself!