Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Two Weeks and Counting

It's been two weeks on meds. This week I am no where near as tired as I was last week! Thankfully! I have not had to nap this week at all. Most of the side effects I believe are fading and I am feeling pretty good. I do still have anxiety and those symptoms but they are getting better. I am really hoping by four to six weeks, I can say I have relief completely. ;0) I need to call and make my re-check with my doctor.

This weekend was rainy and then hot and humid. I just hate even stepping foot outside with the steam like we had sunday. So I waited until the sun set to go out. The kids had neighborhood friends that came over to play. I cannot say enough how blessed these friends have been for my kids as I've been falling apart this summer these kids have given my kids something to do. Something would even rather do than hang with mom, so at least I haven't looked sick in my kids eyes. I hope they don't look bad on me and talk about how life with mom was always a planned event so she wouldn't be too nervous. I hope they aren't learning my coping skills in a bad way. Most of what I've learned is to tell my kids not to be too stubborn and get help as soon as you can! My sister told me if I broke my arm would I refuse a cast? Good point!

Saturday when it rained I took the kids to an indoor play park. They were excited. I was happy to get out of the house and I did it without taking my hubby. He's my crutch, if something happens he can help me. He can take care of the kids or drive if absolutely necessary. But this time, he stayed home. And I did it! For me in this moment of my life this was big.

I texted my family and friends with my accomplishment. Funny.

This week I also took up reading a Danielle Steele novel. I saw her on t.v. and thought she's written so many books. I should try one. So I went to the library and I checked one out! It's called, "Big Girl." I'm about halfway through, so it must be working on getting my mind on another fictional fun thing. I don't usually read much but I think I may more. I may just start here and read through her books as a goal. Then try something else. Seems like the fiction for me is better at this point so I can get lost in what I know is absolutely not true versus the self help or real books. I just can't take any more information right now!

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  1. Good plan Dominique, I try to read fictional books as often as possible. My favorite author is Beverly Lewis, because she writes about how peaceful life is for Amish and she vividly describes how serene it can be. I love getting lost in her novels.