Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adios Cafe

I have to give up coffee…… I don’t want to give it up but I have to….

I gave up regular pop to help me lose weight. Then I gave up diet pop cause that helps pack on pounds versus actually getting it off and my hubby has given me so many reasons why aspartame is killing me. I did suffer from frequent headaches and body aches so I did take a little heed to his warning. Since giving up the pop, I have felt better. But a gradual better. Not an overwhelming better.

Well after yesterday, I decided I should give up the coffee as well. I had my regular cup of coffee and then the office ladies decided to get Caribou. I didn’t want to pass up the yummy iced mocha, so I got it. And shortly after drinking that one, I felt crazy hyper. Inside I wanted to scream and run around, not that that would help but that’s how it felt. On the outside I was trying to compose myself and be the professional that I am. Ha ha ha…. But then I had lunch and got sick. I felt terrible, like I was going to vomit. Which made my anxiety go high. So then I really was a crazy lady at work. I stuck it out until 3 pm and with one hour left, I asked if I could go home. I was crazy all the way home in the car but once home….. I laid down and felt so much better.

So I really feel lead to quit the caffeine altogether. I am nervous already by nature and the shaking feelings are not worth it. I may be getting sick separately from all of this cause today, I got really dizzy in the office. So trying not to freak out about that…… but aside from all of that, I don’t need one more thing that will make me feel crazy.

I’m not going cold turkey though. I’m going to have a quarter of a cup of coffee with milk in it, in the morning. That’s it. Then if I do go for Caribou, I’ll try the decaf iced mocha. See if that tastes good enough.

Hey if I can do it with pop, I can do it with coffee. Unfortunately it hasn’t helped shed those pounds!

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  1. Holy Macaroni I didn't know you gave up diet pop completely. Well good luck on the coffee now too. I'm thinking it’s wise of you to try this as your anxiety is difficult to control. Let me know if a few weeks if it helped.